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Week 17, Day 1 -- Ruth 1-4

Ruth & Boaz: The Character of Devotion


The book of Ruth functions at several levels simultaneously. At its most basic, it is a romantic love-story: 752 more words


Week 18 - #52weeksofhappiness

Last week was a busy one, culminating in a well needed trip back home to not only stock up on food (specifically, paneer and chocolate barfi, if you don’t know what either of these foods are, you need to get on it because you, my friend, are missing out) but to also see my beautiful niece and catch up with the family goings-on. 231 more words

What I Made: Risotto with Leeks and Turnips

These vegetables have given me a chance to try lots of new things, but for this recipe I stepped way outside of my comfort zone and tried making risotto for the first time. 303 more words


MDA1400 Campaign Film: Developing our Campaign to Freerice

During our meeting with Eddie we really messed up on presenting him with what he wanted. However he did have some strong comments on what we need to do and we took that immediately into consideration by immediately after working on concept again first changing the campaign from ChildreninHunger to Freerice as he did advise us on how hunger is a global thing. 79 more words

MDA1400 (HEN) Production Theory And Practice

What I Made: Sautéed Bok Choy

I got a lot of bok choy and baby bok choy in my basket this year, which was great because it’s a green that is easy to use in stir fries and soups. 215 more words


What I Made: Sausage and Noodle Skillet with Banana Peppers

Although this recipe is a one pot meal, it does require a bit of preparation because of all the ingredients that need to be chopped.  The upside is that this recipe is widely customizable.   169 more words


Daily Bread

Well this week flew by fast! We have been working hard trying to find new people to teach. This area definitely takes a lot of faith but I love the people here :) 274 more words

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