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Milton- your monkey 

Hey kiddo- picked you up a little friend today. I noticed this little fellar as mom and I were out shopping.

I looked at him, we locked eyes. 33 more words

Dads at the Baby Store! 

Don’t forget to check out our little side project travel site- Rate Rhino.

Uber, Hilda, and Cracker Barrel 

Good morning Son!

Your mom and I are out in the world early this Saturday. Moms car needed an oil change, and the dealership is about 30 minutes away. 218 more words

Work Gender Reveals! 

Dear Son,

Mom and I both announced that you were a boy to our teams yesterday. Here are videos of people partying in your honor! Just because you are a boy! 24 more words

New Dad

Strollers, Cradles, Car Seats Oh My! 

I mentioned in an earlier entry- we spent a recent Sunday learning all about strollers. We decided on the Graco Modes Quick Connect. They are pricey, but the reviews are awesome and Jamie loved it. 104 more words

New Dad

To be continued 

If you have been following this blog- we are going on a short hiatus. I will still be writing, but since the Grandma and Grandpa Gray have asked not to know the sex until they get to Tampa next Tuesday I will not be publishing any of the drafts. 18 more words

New Dad

The big day! 

Dear kiddo,

I was supposed to get up and run this morning.

When I woke up this morning your mom was attempting to sneak out of the bedroom. 269 more words

New Dad