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Obligatory: Bump Updates!

So I’ve decided something!  I am going to start posting my weekly pregnancy updates!  YAY!  I’m pretty excited.  I didn’t think I was going to do this, since I’m already this far in and all plus I don’t know how I’ll feel in front of a camera, but I found this cute blog ( 915 more words


At last!  Right on cue as winter slowly turns the corner into spring.

After weeks of tantalizing green shoots, we finally have some flowers out.  71 more words


How Things Are Shaping Up at the End of February

The end of February brings with it the beginning of the NBA’s regular-season stretch run. The league’s roster tinkering is all but done. Per NBA rules, any player signed after March 1 is ineligible for postseason play.By and large, though, the Association’s 30 teams are what they are, injuries and otherwise. 224 more words

Week 17

Feeling Moody

Week 17

I’ll get to the title in a bit, but first, the exciting world of cloth and how it folds.

So we learnt about 5 main types of folds; … 428 more words

Visual Design

Week 17, Day 6 -- Ruth Epilogue

More than the Author of Ruth Ever Imagined

  Matthew 1:1-17

This week we have seen that the book of Ruth functions at several levels simultaneously. At the most basic, it is a sweet romance with a happy ending, as Naomi and Ruth find not only financial security, but also love and family. 723 more words


Week 17, Day 5 -- Ruth 4:18-22

More Than Ruth Ever Imagined


This epilogue serves two functions. For one, it elevates the point of the text far beyond anything that Ruth or her contemporaries could ever have imagined. 757 more words


Week 17,Day 4 -- Ruth 3:1-4:17

Date Night


Due to space and time constraints, today’s reading spans two related sections. The first, 3:1-18, covers Ruth’s proposal of marriage to Boaz. The second, 4:1-16, recounts Boaz’s negotiations to secure the marriage. 739 more words