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Week 17 Activity 6

Activity 6

 About two hours

  • Use Google Books to search for Brabazon (2007), The University of Google: Education in the (Post) Information Age.
  • You will be taken to the book profile.
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Week 17 Activity 5

Activity 5

 About two hours

  • Read Brabazon (2001), ‘Internet teaching and the administration of knowledge’.What is Brabazon’s view of university management imperatives and the use of new technologies?
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Week 17 Activity 4

Activity 4

About two hours

  • There is no specific reading for Activity 4 but you may wish to go back to readings in previous weeks. For example, you may wish to consider the issues raised in 
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Week 17 Activity 3

Activity 3

About two hours 

  • Think about some of the issues raised in the two readings and the video.
    1. Do you think these issues are representative of the broader picture of technology adoption in education?
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Week 17 Activity 2

Activity 2

About four hours

  • Read the article by Hara and Kling (1999), ‘Students’ frustrations with a web-based distance education course’.
  • As you read consider the following questions: …
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Wek 17 Activity 1b

Activity 1b

About an hour and a half

  • Please read the article by Noble (1998), ‘Digital diploma mills: the automation of higher education’.
  • As you read, consider the following questions: …
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