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New technique improves solar absorption efficiency

1. Sustainability Problem

Energy: Solar absorbers are used to transform solar radiation into thermal energy for a variety of applications – but many of these absorbers are inefficient. 228 more words

Smart Sets the Bar High with Sustainable Vehicles



– GHG emissions, waste from car parts, energy use, water use, safety and health.

These are sustainability issues that all car manufacturers have to deal with.   189 more words


Fusion Power: The Next Big Thing

  1. Sustainability Problem

Energy: The world’s demand for energy will increase greatly in the coming century as the developing world is expected to have the same standard of living as the developed word. 210 more words

Piñatex, Something you didn´t Know about Pineapples


Conventional leather production involves a process called tanning in which different chemicals are used to make the leather soft an attractive to the consumers. Evidence has been found that many of these substances are very harmful to the environment and the health of the workers and the communities where tanning operations are held. 182 more words

Public lighting is everywhere but connected lighting is not?


IoT: Public lighting is everywhere but connected lighting is not.
  1. Sustainability Problem

Energy Efficiency

Lighting, beyond illumination, is an energy related asset. There are about 300 million street lights worldwide. 844 more words

Energy/Water & Waste Management

Dean Kamen’s Slingshot Aims To Bring Fresh Water To The World

Sustainability Problem: We are running out of potable water, and the current ways of purifying water are too energy intensive.


  1. Heat recovery to minimize energy use…
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Carbon Emissions Turned into Stone

Sustainability problem: 

CO2 released when burning fossil fuels leads to global warming


Turn carbon capture into stone and store underground!

    • In Iceland, scientists turned carbon into stone by  pumping a power plant’s carbon dioxide into underground basalt and mixed them with water.  
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