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Week 4 - Reflection/Feedback

This has been a been a really interesting week.

My focus has completely shifted into the area of story building, treatment planning etc. The other bits, the lectures etc, have become a joyous extra that I can learn from without much effort. 73 more words

Module 1 - Storytelling For Script And Screen

NA LCS Summer 2017 Week 4

NA LCS Summer 2017 Week 4 Predictions
We have the first installment of the NALCS Prediction of the weekend. Each week I will be giving predictions and we will see how well I do towards the end of the split. 1,218 more words


Tartarus and Valhalla: Season 4 Summer Split Week 4

Week 4 did not do much in the way of clarifying anything in one region, but the other region is 75% of the way there. It’s fairly indicative of the NA scene for this to be happening…as it happened in the Spring Split, and will probably happen in the Fall Split. 587 more words

Season 4

Week 4: Surf Competition

We had quite the Ghana Group join us for our beach adventure to Kokrobite last weekend. The Ghana Guys, thanks to the invitation of our German friends from the Sleepy Hippo, headed down to Mr. 617 more words

Week 4

TV Show 22/5/17

On the Wednesday, I typed up the script onto the autocue, which was tiresome – partly because I’d done it on a different screen not a week before – but I knew it was necessary. 167 more words


Where is week 4? Comedy and Tragedy

Hey Guys!

So this last week I did not post anything. Mostly it was because I was embarrassed to report my bad news..

Also I had a ton of family stuff happen last minute and then I was finishing up another project meant to challenge myself as a editor and comedian. 184 more words

Visual Media

Week 3/4: Treatment

Through the writing of the treatment, the whole idea behind the story has shifted. I found it very difficult to find the story whilst writing to the ‘3 Act’ form, so decided to do away with it and fit the structure in retrospect. 365 more words

Module 1 - Storytelling For Script And Screen