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Week 4 - Health

I’m currently walking back super sweaty from my first ever zumba class. I was meant to be going with one of the other teachers because the studio is offering free classes all week but there was no space to leave her bike so I went in solo. 120 more words


Week 4

My news story: My in-laws today agreed that family is the most important thing to them. My brother-in-law, Cody McKee, said family has always been important because without family what is the point of life. 178 more words

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Week 4 (Project)

Now that it’s getting close to week 6 where we have to start working on our projects I really want to get a better idea of what I want to do. 1,081 more words

Week 4

Drawing & Imaging (Week4)

After the hand gesture drawings of Week 3, I was asked to do human compositions. The sketches had to have half or full human body with a detailed backdrop. 73 more words

Week 4 (Reading)

This week we were told to read “Introduction: The Double Logic of Remediation”. I can’t say that I’m super confident in my understanding of the text but I think I have an idea of what they’re trying to say. 258 more words


Week 4 (Recap/Thoughts)

This week we had the second half of the lecture that we started last lesson. This half focused on new media artists that use performance, kinetic and biological systems. 517 more words

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