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Brianna of Logo on the Go

This week has been very successful for me and my business. However, I still have many obstacles that I am facing when launching my business. One of the biggest obstacles would be finding out what type of licensing or legal help I may need to run my business. 144 more words

Week 4

Darien of Carter Photography

The biggest obstacle when launching my photography business is the lack of customer recognition. In order to gain customers for a photography business, word of mouth is the biggest marketing material out there. 49 more words

Week 4

Julia of Designs by Mama Gerlak

The biggest obstacles that I am facing when launching my business are waiting for my fabric and thread to come in, as well as not having my website up and running and not having received my business cards. 69 more words

Week 4

Janae of BYB Kit

Over the past few weeks I have been in this program and dealing with everything else around me. Even though I have personal problems I am still trying my best in this program. 219 more words

Week 4

Geovanni of RealTravelNYC

There are many things holding me back from fully launching my business. One of them are my financials because of how hard it is to determine the value for a custom and personalized tour. 87 more words

Ask the right question and you'll get the right answer

I completely frustrated myself doing quiz four.

I completed it with every answer correct the first time around; at least I would have had I been paying enough attention to what I was doing. 300 more words

COMM11007 Media Studies


“The Lady of Shalott” written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, is split up into four parts. When I googled this poem and looked at a bunch of illustrations, the majority of them involved a fair woman on a boat. 266 more words

Week 4