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As a biologist, the evolution of life is arguably the most important thing I’ve learned. It explains the enormous amount of biodiversity we see today all over the world. 376 more words

Week 4

Assignment 4

Monday in class we were shown a clip from the documentary “Before the Flood’ that opened a discussion in class regarding renewable resources. The class seemed to agree that the United States government is full of self-centered, money-hungry people and that they are the problem. 405 more words

Week 4

The self-destructive attitude of the US

In Michael Parenti’s speech “The Threat of US Imperialism” he focuses on the items that the government opposes. The main idea that I pick up was how invested he says the government is in budgeting and controlling pay for workers. 683 more words

Week 4

Week Four

 Manfred Max-Neef Interview

Manfred Max-Neef, a Chilean economist, interviewed on Democracy Now on poverty from the perspective of an economist. He says there were originally three categories of nations: developed, underdeveloped, and developing nations. 723 more words


Week #4 Janine Benyus TED talks & Jane Jacobs: The Nature of Economics

The first two chapters of Jane Jacobs’ “The Nature of Economics,” were confusing because she uses dialogues from characters to explain her view on economies. 489 more words

Week 4

Week 4

Manfred Max-Neef

Even though his interview was only 20 mins, it was such an eye opening interview. Manfred Max-Neef discusses about poverty and how people think they know everything about poverty and studies poverty, but they don’t understand poverty. 702 more words

Week 4