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Week 4 - Demo Day

I’m proud to be a part of this group of developers. We worked hard, and didn’t take things too seriously! They are a pretty amazing group of people. 157 more words


5. What if it gets too much?

Sometimes things get too much. It isn’t a sign of weakness or failure and it is important to know what you can turn for help. 257 more words


Songs In My Head - Week 4


I hope everyone is having a spectacular start to their New Year! And if your not, I find belting out a song at the top of your lungs in the car can remedy that for a moment or two. 96 more words


User Requirements

Although this is a problem that I have, I wanted to write a list of what would actually be required on the Guide/Land Owner side of things. 74 more words

Week 4

Week 4

After being assigned the task of interviewing strangers of what they thought of your product, we came together and collate our feedback. For the feedback we found out man flaws about our product that we did not see before. 341 more words

Week 4

Iterations of Webpage development

There are four iterations I have gone through developing the jimsproduction.net.au.

First Iteration

Second Iteration

Third Iteration

Fourth Iteration

I have been struggled into CSS layout of homepage design, since box-model and container within ‘div’ tag are complicated and takes time to understand through experiments. 223 more words

Web Design


Where to begin? Since last I wrote, my situation has changed so drastically I can hardly decide what to put down. After the famine, the flood, I suppose. 1,156 more words

Chapter 22