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Week 4 - Playtest Plan

Student Name: Wai Man Ho

Student Number: n9659340

Participants Overall approach & resources Session Goals Method  

How to Analyse No Who What to measure… 321 more words



Professional Development and practice:

Upon starting project 1 I found that my current set of skills allowed me to match the tests required of developing a mini-game in terms of using Unity to combine and manipulate assets, general game design and programming aspects of the game. 468 more words



Activity 7: Playtesting

Playtest Session Goals

Play testing key finding and recommendations


Goal 1: Level of engagement and joy (PX)

Players found the game engaging and enjoy playing it. 587 more words



Professional Development and Practice

This unit introduced me to working inside a game engine. I haven’t had any experience working with any programs like Unity before, so these four weeks were quite the learning experience. 538 more words


Prototype Submission & Contribution Statement

Prototype Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bz_zcnnHHhAwcWplbFNIa1ZpMGs?usp=sharing

Contains two compressed folders. One containing the final prototype build of the game, which has the data file and executable, and the other being the Unity Project Folder of the game. 110 more words



Reflections on development of mini game 1.

Coming into the first mini game (MG1) I found myself feeling out of my depth as I had not used Unity or C# before. 471 more words


Cycle 1, Activity 6: Producing a Playtest Plan

The following playtest plan outlines our group’s plan to measure and analyse a player’s experience from our game.

Cycle 1