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  • Update Camera and Player Controller to use Kinematics – 6h
  • Misc. Meetings, Planning, and Workflow – 4h

Code Sample:

var y = Input.GetAxis("Mouse X");

var z = Input.GetAxis("Vertical") * Time.deltaTime * _moveSpeed;
var x = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") * Time.deltaTime * _moveSpeed;

Vector3 moveVector = _pcRigidbody.position + _pcRigidbody.rotation * new Vector3(x, 0, z);
Quaternion moveQuaternion = Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0, y, 0));

_pcRigidbody.MoveRotation(transform.rotation * moveQuaternion);
_pcRigidbody.MovePosition(moveVector); 154 more words
Jack Stillwell

Late work on Assignment 4

The economic ideas of Jane Jacobs, as presented mainly by the character Hiram in The Nature of Economics, are some of the most original and compelling I’ve ever encountered – really, ever. 573 more words

Week 4

Assignment 4 - Paper Prototype & Guerilla Test

Kies 5 interacties tussen gebruiker en de applicatie van assignment 2.

  • Patiënt die zijn dossier in kan zien.
  • Patiënt kan een afspraak inplannen.
  • Dokter kan patiënten toevoegen aan het systeem.
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Proposed Tracks to Analyse

These are the 3 tracks I wanted to analyse musically from my proposal to find out if there are any techniques I could use in my own work or to improve the tracks I have already written for this project. 733 more words


Design Design Design

The video that we explored and went through this week was by Janine Benyus, 12 Sustainable Design Ideas from Nature. The very first thing is just the idea of bio-mimicry. 524 more words

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Fotografie week 4

Helaas was ik niet bij deze les en heb ik ook geen foto’s kunnen maken.

Week 4