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Where Expectation Meets Anticipation and the crushing weight of it all.

In this collage I’m expressing the weight of expectation we see in this section of Infinite Jest. From the ideas we have during childhood about what adulthood is going to be. 411 more words

The End of Too Much Fun

The pursuit of intense pleasure is only enjoyable as long as it meets our expectations. For Joelle van Dyne (aka Madame Psychosis), Too Much Fun just isn’t fun anymore. 899 more words

Expectations in President Baby Hands' America

So how are you doing? If you’re reading along with the schedule, then you deserve a Mega-breakfast from Denny’s, because you’ve cleared what is considered by many to be the hardest stretch of… 828 more words

On William James and the Religious Attitude of Addiction

Hello halated guests!

For this week’s theme of “expectation,” I’m going to try talk about the role of expectation in addiction. I’ll try think through William James’s words about “the religious attitude in the soul,” anticipation, and the capacity for imagination, which makes addiction and the “religious attitude” possible. 382 more words

An electrum star day

Can you believe after all these years of being a graphic designer, I have never needed to know the name for the colour that is gold and silver mixed together? 179 more words