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Week 4, Day 5... Staying Motivated!

At the start of this week I was bemoaning this diet. I had only lost one pound last week, and it really depressed me. I feel like I must have been going through something hormonal, possibly some prePMS. 396 more words

Week 4: Rhetoric of Visual Design

For this assignment, you have two options:

1) Respond to the Week 4 Prompt, written below.


2) Respond to at least two of your peers’ responses to the Week 4 Prompt. 144 more words

Week 4

Week 4: Friday

Run 3 minutes walk 90 seconds, Run 5 minutes walk 2 1/2 minutes x2 reps. Total runtime 16 minutes

Andrew: Week 4 successfully completed, looking forward to Week 5, whatever that entails. 18 more words

C25k Challenge

Journal Entry 4

HOLY MUSHROOMS. WHAT THE HECK????????? IT”S ALL OVER *crying silently*. How can this be? It can’t be over. It was sooooo amazing. Em bailey wrote it greatly, twists and turns around every conner and when you lifted the page up to turn it over you were stuck between not really wanting to know what happens next and not being able to sleep if you don’t continue. 531 more words

Week 4

Welcome to (not so) communist Russia, have a seat

If you have ever watched an American movie from before 1990, you will notice that all Russians are depicted similarly, uniform grim faceless subjects of an oppressing government with a love for Vodka. 271 more words


Popsugar Reading Challenge Week 4 Update!

Whoops! I seem to have forgotten to post an update on Week 4 of Popsugar Reading Challenge on Monday! So here I am now, with my update. 358 more words

Book Snacks Fun

Looking at requirements to hand in

Looking over the Requirements in relation to where I stand at now I still have to

  • test character across multiple mediums
  • analysis of brand values…
  • 95 more words