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237.130 A2 Wk4 Task 4, Image Selection.

First Visual Text:   Historical Image

Dorothea Lange. “A Destitute Mother: The Type Aided by the WPA” 1936. 

This photograph is of a mother and her two children during the Great Depression, this photograph later became the face of the Depression. 134 more words

Week 4.

237.130 A2 Wk4 Task 4, Visual Literacy and Analysis


Videos that I watched: 

Toledo Museum of Art. Visual Literacy and Critical Thinking:  

Uploaded by Edutopia. Filmmaker Martin Scorsese on the importance of Visula Literacy.  253 more words

Week 4.

Get Messy Season of Lists. Week 4.

Lists lists lists!  Most of these pages did not turn out at all how I had envisioned.  I had no idea where my crazy eyed skull was going and I really didn’t like the ‘Six Months’ base page until I added the yellow and black. 76 more words

Art Journaling

237.130 A2 Wk4 Task 3, Bringing Your Knowledge To The Topic.


Can you think of some ideas, concerns, events, visual texts, that relate to this topic? 

A lot of younger generations (and some older) are beginning to develop addictions to their mobile phones. 170 more words

Week 4.

Task 1B: What Kind of Thinker, Planner, and Writer Are You?

Some disadvantages to the “diver” (Creme, Lea 73) and “grand plan” (Creme, Lea 74) writers is that they may use up most of their time before the deadline writing multiple versions or spend time going over readings and notes more thoroughly in order to understand where their writing is going. 746 more words


Task 2: What is the Question Asking Me?

I chose to answer the first question which is based around “How to See Yourself”(Mirzoeff, Chapter 1. 31-69). 122 more words


Week 4 Task 4A Video Review

In “Visual Literacy and Critical Thinking” the importance of visual literacy is succinctly expressed, reinforcing in me the belief that we must be ever-vigilant in analysing the constructs of imagery presented to us, seeing beyond the barriers, reading between the lines. 101 more words