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The dummies guide to Melbourne Cup

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CASUAL punters confused about filling out a betting form this Melbourne Cup won\u2019t have to bother with the usual horsing around.

Anthony Allen

Quest for Happiness: Week Fifteen

So, last week, I was sicker than I was the week before, so productivity wasn’t exactly my strong suit. My groove was thrown off, if you will–and you can tell, with how many goals I didn’t meet last week. 352 more words

Fitness Goals

2017 Week Fifteen

I just had to stop for a second because fifteen doesn’t look like it is supposed to be spelled that way…it looks strange.

THIS WEEK WAS pretty good actually. 424 more words


Status Report: Week Fifteen (A Hefty Case Of The Sadz)

It’s going to be a brief one today, and for that I’m sorry all around.

Over the weekend, I actually plunked myself down in front of the television, booted up the original Borderlands, and didn’t even make it an hour. 336 more words


The Very Definition of Narrow

24 yards and a fumble.

That’s Crowder’s stat line from the Monday night game.

24 yards and a fumble means a total of 0 points. 472 more words

Week Fifteen

Where We Are

If you had told me before this playoff matchup started that Le’Veon Bell was going to earn a total of 59 points in two weeks for my opponent, I would have known that there was no way the matchup would be close. 361 more words

Week Fifteen

All The Marbles

Me at the end of Week Fourteen: Don’t ever let me doubt Tom Brady, okay?

Me at the start of Week Fifteen: Guys, I’m beginning to doubt Tom Brady. 1,256 more words

Week Fifteen