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The dummies guide to Melbourne Cup

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CASUAL punters confused about filling out a betting form this Melbourne Cup won\u2019t have to bother with the usual horsing around.

Anthony Allen

Quest for Happiness: Week Fifteen

So, last week, I was sicker than I was the week before, so productivity wasn’t exactly my strong suit. My groove was thrown off, if you will–and you can tell, with how many goals I didn’t meet last week. 352 more words

Fitness Goals

2017 Week Fifteen

I just had to stop for a second┬ábecause fifteen doesn’t look like it is supposed to be spelled that way…it looks strange.

THIS WEEK WAS pretty good actually. 424 more words


Status Report: Week Fifteen (A Hefty Case Of The Sadz)

It’s going to be a brief one today, and for that I’m sorry all around.

Over the weekend, I actually plunked myself down in front of the television, booted up the original Borderlands, and didn’t even make it an hour. 336 more words