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2015 Week #7

*Sonic has no problem showing his boy bits to everyone.  *The wrestling posters I did for the HS arrived on Tuesday.  I’m my own worst critic, but they turned out okay. 255 more words

Week In Pictures

My week in pictures!

I’ve never done a post like this before, so thought I’d try something new.  First thing I learnt – I don’t take enough pictures!

This week hasn’t been too eventful, from Valentines Day (which we don’t celebrate), to a visit from a friend.   31 more words


2015 Week #6

TNT was gone all week hog hunting in Texas so I was a bachelorette!! And guess what? My life is just as boring when I’m “single.”  lol… 263 more words

Week In Pictures

Week in Pictures #10: Three Months Left till Exams!

The title was painful to write. Oh well. G and I were sort of on an Oscar-nominated movies hunt this week and I’m genuinely getting heart palpitations whenever I think about how I probably can’t finish Trusts on time by this week (I’m talking about the entire syllabus — but realistically, right now I shall just master the more important topics PLUS know how to solve past year questions which is something people don’t stress enough). 737 more words

2015 Week Four

It was beautiful outside during the work week.  It cooled off really fast in the evenings, but the days were awesome. *Made candied carrots on Thursday.   339 more words

Week In Pictures

Week in Pictures #9: Current & Past Cravings

Yes, I know, I need to clean that mirror, it’s appalling :-P

It’s Dad’s birthday dinner — as usual, there’s meat involved and he decided on Morganfield’s. 368 more words

2015 Week #3

TNT had me up and out of bed Monday morning by 6:30 so we could leave Denver.  That means we were home by 10:00. Ugh! My husband does not know what vacation means. 215 more words

Week In Pictures