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If You Go Down to the Woods Today by Alex Watts

If you go down to the woods, do not go on this particular day. Not when the stars are in just this pattern, not in this specific beat between two seasons, not when the wind stands just so and the clouds are drawing this picture. 405 more words


Reforestation by Roger Evans

Callum woke, groaned and sat up accompanied by a discord of disturbed glassware. He turned hearing the sound of the door to see Terry, paper bag and cardboard mug in hand. 447 more words


[untitled] by Orjan Westin

Everybody knows there is a tree in the woods which will take your secrets and keep them, take your fears, dreams, desires, and handle them. In some way. 236 more words


Project October 2018: Week One

Day 1: 2,723
Day 2: 0
Day 3: 0
Day 4: 1,151
Day 5: 0
Day 6: 0
Day 7: 4,065
Total: 7,939

Last year, I set out to do a Project October intensive writing month (31,000 words in 31 days) and ended up writing a grand total of zero words (you can read all about it here, here, here and here) due to a variety of circumstances. 743 more words

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Ep. 25. Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey? Week One It's A Real Blowout

This week, the brothers begin their second adventure, and it’s a delicious who-done-it! The answer? We all done it. To ourselves.

Also, Matt reveals the replacement for Choose Your Own Adventure Or…, Chris introduces us to one of the Great Detectives of History, the guys make some big predictions, Prufrock messes everything up again, all the music is freshened-up and theme-friendly, and Matt dumps another episode of Meanwhile in the Cave of Time as though this podcast wasn’t already long enough. 53 more words


Monday Weigh-in Week 1

Ergh! So somehow I’ve put on 2 1/4 lbs this week? O.O I have eaten less and been more active, but these things happen sometimes don’t they? 174 more words