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Day 13 & 14 of 365 - Week Two Wrap-up

This was yesterday’s salad:

And this was today’s:

I don’t know why the auto rotate doesn’t seem to be working, but I haven’t been able to find a fix that doesn’t take a billion years and make me feel half crazy. 299 more words

#myvitabreak - how did week one went and what does week two looks like?

week one is almost done!
I hit a few speed bumps this week… here’s how it went:

I started a day early, since we were supposed to start on Monday. 579 more words


Wednesday 4th November

Don’t forget we are in the computer lab today – C5-1047.

In the first part of the class, we will do the CGE One Reading Skills Practice Test… 20 more words

Week Two

Tuesday 3rd November

We’ll start with the reading homework – remember you were going to do the scanning questions from the text Perfumes?

Then we’ll do Listening and Spelling Quiz… 54 more words

Week Two

Monday 2nd November

Last week we finished looking at VTL 1A so let’s practise these words with a couple of activities in the iBook.

Then we’re going to work on reading skills. 77 more words

Week Two

Week 2, Q 2: Consistency: Analyses

My first example of consistency in a product is Windows, specifically Windows 10. In this example, we can see multiple examples of consistency. The size of each tile is uniform, which allows each application can be accessed equally easily; this is an example of consistency. 312 more words


Week 2, Q 1: Consistency: Summary and Analysis

The extract on consistency by Lidwell, Holden & Butler describes the concept of consistency and its various forms. The authors identify consistency as being an important in design and exists to increase a system’s usability by having a form of uniformity in how similar parts are expressed. 553 more words