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Week 2: Figures & Juxtaposition

Photo: Re-read Doty’s section on Juxtaposition (90-93). Select a phrase from Doty as your title. Add a new element to your photograph that illustrates Doty’s understanding of Juxtaposition in descriptive work. 100 more words

Week Two


For the second assignment, I was immediately inspired by the option to create our own unique “tag.” In Style Wars, I found the discussions regarding the reasoning behind tag names  quite interesting. 542 more words

Week Two.


I was very intrigued by the idea of contrasting the experience of walking while “cocooned” with walking while engaging with the public space around you. Especially after reading Michael Bull’s article discussing our addiction to our iPods, I was interested to compare the distinct methods of transit.  601 more words


no dead air

In his article, “No Dead Air! The iPod and the Culture of Mobile Listening,” Michael Bull dissects the heart of a music-addicted generation. He claims that the constant use of a personal MP3 player allows the listener to play a larger role in controlling their relationship with the space around them. 464 more words

Week Two.

Semester Project: Description Over Time

Welcome Class,

We will use this blog as a venue for our semester long project (Papers #1 & #4). In Leanne Shapton’s “Tablescapes” (header image), Shapton explores a particular space and set of objects over time. 182 more words

social territory

When considering the different “scenes” of the social space around me, many come to mind. I’m fortunate to live in a diverse city, that’s spread out into many overlapping cultural territories. 715 more words


Style Wars

Style Wars explores the culture of graffiti as it transcended through New York City. Like any culture, it envelops a way of living and interacting with the environment. 1,099 more words

Week Two.