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Posting Reminder, Unessay Preparation, and CodeAcademy - 3/24

I want to thank all of you for your insightful posts and comments over the week. I think that the collective discussion has enhanced all of our understanding of new media and the implications associated with the integration of new technology into society. 562 more words


first impressions.

To begin our latest assignment, we have been asked to consider which of the four topics we would like to answer. These  questions are:


Lecture Two: Process & Context

  • Context for use.
  • Context of use.
  • Bill Verplank identifies an important design process which includes invent, design, engineer and present.
  • Research is vital prior to undergoing any design process.
  • 186 more words
Interaction Design


I’ve always been a gallery person. I’m not sure whether it’s the appeal of a large, white-walled building, full of art; or just that the viewer is one with their thoughts while being embraced by beautiful artwork. 573 more words


Ran out of Gas

The funny thing about my choice was this weekend some of my friends who are musicians started talking about those people in the industry that died either tragically or from drugs. 863 more words


Cindy Sherman at City Gallery

Blog 1: Experiencing

It’s a little before 12 pm, I’ve made my way out of the City Gallery headed toward the City Sea Bridge and my thoughts are swimming in dopamine… Various aspects of the layout, feel and emotional tome of Cindy’s works are sticking in the back of my mind like tiny thorns that can be felt but not grasped.   372 more words

Week Two

Week 2 Overview

I want to thank you for posting such insightful and engaging blog posts this past week. Although I have read them all, I plan to continue to go back and comment on them throughout the weekend. 609 more words