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Week Two NMN...

Hi everyone,

It’s been two weeks now and let me tell you where I went today… Sephora. I wasn’t there to purchase anything obviously, I was there to get my friend a birthday gift. 210 more words

Nano Week Two

As week two is wrapping up of this magical writing adventure, things are going well for me.

I’ve been writing every day, which is a big success for me. 448 more words


Congenial versus collegial

We all are aware that being congenial is being friendly. When we are around our friends we feel pleasant as we have shared interests. We are at ease and conversations flow freely. 77 more words

Learning Portfolio 2 Q2

A stop sign is an example of consistency as it recognisable for its shape and colour, no matter what language, internationally. 

The play, rewind, forward, pause are an example of consistency. 154 more words


Learning Portfolio 2 Q1

Consistency: noun. Consistent behaviour or treatment. (Oxford Dictionary, 2017)

In the chapter from the book Universal Principles of Design the concept of consistency is expressed. 187 more words


Wednesday 25th October

Please come to the computer lab today – C5-0057.

We are going to do the Practice Reading Skills Test One.

Then we will finish the lecture that we worked on today. 81 more words

Week Two

Tuesday 24th October

In today’s class, we’ll do the following things:

  • the Listening and Spelling Test: Personal Objects and Forms of ID
  • the scanning questions from the Health and Food reading…
  • 39 more words
Week Two