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Lecture pod 2

Design process + context is the framework of design. The focus of this lecture pod is the design process, the importance of low tech design roughs and sketches; and the design context. 319 more words

Week Two

Week 2 classwork

We revisited an old technique this week, story boarding! We’re accustomed to only using story boards for mapping out a video sequence, but its also effective in mapping out any old visual sequence of steps. 57 more words

Ethical Questions from Le Corbusier's Ville Radieuse and Haiyang Zhang's wristband for Emma

Le Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse

  • Did Le Corbusier build and maintain relationships with the people in the city where his building was being designed for? (Whanaungatanga – Kaupapa Māori)
  • 275 more words
Week Two

Comparison of Kaupapa Māori and Massey Unversity's Universal Ethical Principles

Kaupapa Māori’s principle of Aroha is similar to Massey’s principle of Autonomy

Under the principle of Aroha, Kaupapa Māori’s framework explains that love means respect, which means allowing people to make their own choices and have control – or in other words, autonomy. 659 more words

Week Two

Gathering Information - A Closer Look at the Development Process for Emma's Wristband

Throughout the design process, Haiyan Zhang frequently engaged multiple different methods of gathering information to inform her product development, which was fundamental in enabling her to create such a successful product for Emma.  438 more words

Week Two

Participant Engagement in Creative Projects

My ranking of the level of participant engagement in creative projects, with 1 being the most and 6 being the least

1. Emma’s wristband (The Big Life Fix) 1,122 more words

Week Two