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Monday 31st August

We’ll start with the Listening and Spelling Quiz: Places in a city and family words.

Then we’ll complete the reading activities for Numbers in Nature… 50 more words

Week Two

Alive and Well

In case you’ve been wondering, I am indeed alive and all is well!

In Europe for over two weeks and I’m already behind on this blogging thing. 295 more words

Bottle Caps


Sister Tolla makes me so CROSS! The whole lot of them make me cross, even Papa sometimes. The way they think is so slow and backwards… If they even get a whiff of balloon-talk, or balloosphemy as I heard Brother Hinterlis call it (he was being sarcastic, I think), there’s the Pit to pay and that’s the end of it. 77 more words


Sunday 30th August

In today’s class:

  • I’ll explain what’s involved in the Speaking Assessment. Remember this is worth 5% of the Course Work Grade
  • We’ll do a lesson on talking about…
  • 68 more words
Week Two

A Dystopian Future

Michael Dryland’s dystopian media series of a potential future environment is an incidental reference to the Anthropocene and an example of a very real future scenario.   134 more words



I’ve sketched out my masterpiece! It’s on loose paper of course – I don’t want anyone poking through my notebook. It’s a twin-canopy, twin-hull balloon, and I’m very pleased with it.  95 more words


A Special Little Book

Aha, I’ve got it! Brother Nathan mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he would help me make a driftwood model of a balloon. That’s just the sort of thing that would give me the chance to swipe a few bits of wire and wood. 147 more words