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Not So Good Morning

You’re breaking me down people.  I know i’m over reacting, but I need something to stick, I need something concrete I can work with and know that it wont change. 162 more words

Week Two

Tackling My To Read Lists: Week Two

This is my week two update of reading down my ” to read” lists. I finished the Bridget Jones’s Diary omnibus, and am now listening to Something Borrowed (Darcy and Rachel #1) by Emily Giffin. 18 more words

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The End of Guidance

Lord Byron’s Poem, Darkness, opens with the lines

“The bright sun was extinguish’d, and the stars

Did wander darkling in the eternal space,

Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth… 296 more words

The Road

The Alien in the Apocalypse

While The Road is clear in its depiction of physical and societal destruction, it also shows a much more subtle ideological apocalypse. This disaster is a complex part of the narrative and demonstrates how much of human thought is rooted in the expectation of a more or less stable, habitable world. 328 more words

The Road

Browning's "Caliban upon Setebos"

As men and women of the Victorian era dealt with the social and economic changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution, they also had to come to terms with the discoveries of modern science, and how those discoveries played into their ideas of religion. 358 more words

Robert Browning

The Road and Darkness

The Road is a novel that exemplifies the reality of a world that has ended in fire. The word “ash” alone is used 149 times throughout the book to characterize the desolate landscape. 520 more words


When you find out that the past year with someone who you thought loved you was a lie.  You told them repeatedly to be honest with you, that if they didn’t want to be with you at any point to just tell you.   203 more words

Week Two