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Finding Your Freaks: Niche Audiences

I love reading blog posts from ChrisBrogan.com. When I read those blogs I feel like I’m sitting down right next to him having a conversation. I read the blog “The Single Most Effective Change I Made to My Digital Presence.” Brogan explains that the details of social media have changed. 948 more words

TV & Social Media Go Hand in Hand

According to a recent study, “one-in-five people use social media at least once a day revolving around primetime television” (“Study”, 2014). Personally, when I use social media I do not post about what I am watching on prime time television. 293 more words

The Interview

In class we talked about job descriptions and that really got me thinking about what my perfect job would be. If I was a PR professional and I was looking for an employee for my social media internship I would look for the following a candidate that has experience in various social media platforms. 306 more words

Making Use of Lists to Benefit Social Media Use


We always think we know social media because we use it every day, but there are a lot of aspects to each site that most people know nothing about. 436 more words

Social Media Crisis Management for Colleges

Social media crisis management is on the rise for colleges today. Students and social media can very easily create a crisis management situation. According to an article in PR Daily, 85% of schools have crisis communication policies, 59% address the use of social media in a crisis, and 66% reported that potential reputation-damaging events were discussed in social media channels (Allen, 2013). 375 more words

Online Advertising & PR

Can social media be a full time job?

I sure hope so because I friggin’ love it.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert in social media just yet (key word: yet), but then again who can really say something like that? 548 more words

Public Relations

Extreme Grouponing: The High Cost of Low Prices.

In a society where “extreme couponing” is actually considered a lifestyle and dare I say, art form, it only seems fitting that now online marketing sites have teamed up with businesses to jump on the coupon bandwagon. 581 more words