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Homeward bound

Snapped this image of canola growing along the Midland Highway on our way home today. The inset photo is of a lovely old stone Georgian building, now used as a post office in the village of Avoca in the Fingal Valley.



September. Cold days. Even colder nights. You would think that not much will happen. But hey, there is a surprise: 23°C. Actually even 26°C. Sun. Blue sky. 103 more words


Tintagel, North Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most popular places in the south of England to go to when the days are long and the weather is sunny. 459 more words

Travel Blog

A weekend in Amsterdam

The end of the summer. One last adventure before going back to real-ish life. My friend and I had said for a while that we would go away together. 1,313 more words


A Weekend in the Windy City

Bonjour everyone!

I say “Bonjour” with hearty start-of-term enthusiasm as it’s my first week back at college (of final year, in fact). Doubtless the enthusiasm will fade but I’m starting as I truly mean to go on, and you have to respect me for that. 788 more words


Leah Explores ... Harrison Hot Springs

Every year myself and two of my best friends go away for the weekend. It can be a bit challenging as we all work together so there is always a bit of human Tetris involved for us to all get the weekend off but we always manage (well done Laura!) This year we decided that we wouldn’t go anywhere too far away and wanted to stay in Canada, because of the US exchange rate right now. 544 more words


Beautiful Bath eats

Not only is the beautiful, historic city of Bath great for a weekend of meandering, shopping and relaxing, it’s also great for properly stuffing your face. 500 more words