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Time Together

So, I like time alone. But time with me and my Big Big Man is also priceless, and happens far, far less.

It quite makes me chuckle (and roll my eyes) when I hear people talk about ‘date night’ every week, because I think they are maybe missing the point (or maybe it’s just my interpretation). 247 more words


Keukenhof Gardens

While in the Netherlands (See part 1 and part 2 for more info about of our trip!) we definitely wanted to make sure we saw the famous tulips! 280 more words


Great UK weekend trips from London

This post has been written with all Londoners in mind, however, it’s probably most useful to foreigners who have just moved here and want to get to know the UK. 1,741 more words

Lazy days

It was, without doubt, a bit of an odd weekend. Good… unquestionably good… yet still an odd one. Thursday had seen the strange encounter with the mysterious Fox which would, in turn, lead to an even more mysterious event… Friday dawned in beauty and, after a leisurely morning working on a few things, we headed off towards our monthly rendezvous in Great Hucklow. 432 more words

The Silent Eye

Squeezing in Scotland

In keeping with my rather sporadic attitude, last weekend I spontaneously decided to visit Edinburgh. 277 more words


The Poets House, Ely

At the start of this week I had to go to Cambridge for meetings with work. Travelling away sounds glamorous but in reality it can be quite draining. 447 more words


48 Hours in Amsterdam (Part 2)

Our second day in Amsterdam started with an epic breakfast at a place we found using tripadvisor. Anne & Max is not a touristy pla   ce (they asked how the people next to us, also Americans, had found it since they don’t ever have non locals) but they do have English menus if you ask.  363 more words