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Sam’s Blog: CAMELS In Ramona?

Who knew we had camels in Ramona? Well, why not, we have an ostrich ranch in Ramona. I just found out thanks to ABC 10 News… 101 more words


A magical weekend...no ears involved!

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a Hot Air Balloon Festival.  Not only did I get to attend, but I actually participated by helping to inflate the balloon, chase it to it’s landing spot and then deflate it. 146 more words


Boundary Bay Airshow (July 25 2015)

It has been a hot summer so far in Richmond. It hasn’t rained much at all until the day before the Airshow so I was worried that the weather would be bad. 597 more words


A great visit with family

I’m always sad when the weekend is over, but more so this week! We had a great visit from the Dursos! Grandma and Grandpa, uncle Jeff, aunt Julie, uncle Tim and cousins Carson and Cole. 678 more words


I Have No Idea What To Title This Post

I thought all night about how to write this post for today. There is a longish back story that is sad. I don’t feel like crying today so I’m gonna make the written part short and to the point. 304 more words


Hold On, Let Me Check My Calendar...

I don’t know what it is, but this summer has been incredibly busy for me.  Perhaps even the busiest summer of my life- and I didn’t even go on a real summer vacation! 597 more words


Movie Review: Minions

In a nutshell? It’s for kids and those who are entirely too gaga about these little yellow capsules that go jumping, babbling about.

But crack the nut and you are still left with a movie that doesn’t have much of a story line and is a rather lame-ish precursor to Despicable Me. 30 more words