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A Blank Check & Forked Tongues: How Britain & Poland Started WWII & Blamed Hitler & Germans For Eternity!

Why did Poland, suffering deeply under Jewish Supremacy like Germany, start WWII? Could it have been masterfully misdirected vengeance?

This is part two of our focus on discussing aspects of Chapter 3 The Forced War: How WWII Was Originated in… 5,597 more words

World War 2

Media Hysterical Over Hitler's Atomic Bomb For 70 Years: Did He Even Have One?

The Manhattan Project proved to be more difficult and expensive than anyone had foreseen. It is estimated that the Oak Ridge plants alone consumed approximately one-seventh of the electricity generated in the United States.

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Do The Sonderkommandos Prove A Holocaust or Holohoax? Debating Eyewitnesses Accepted By Historians

      Shlomo and Abraham Dragon claim they lived to tell their story only because Shlomo got sick. All the other 200 Sonderkommandos in their group allegedly were transferred to Lublin and gassed.

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History’s Most Terrifying Peace: Allied-Run Concentration Camps

I’d rather be 10 years in a German camp than one day in a Polish one. 

Editors Comment: WWII is often referred to as The Good War.

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World War 2

The Greatest Holocaust Trial: Using Adolf Eichmann To Falsify History

The Adolf Eichmann Trial

The Adolf Eichmann trial created huge public awareness of the so-called Holocaust in Israel and worldwide.[1] Deborah Lipstadt writes:

This trial, whose main objective was bringing a Nazi who helped organize and carry out genocide to justice, transformed Jewish life and society as much as it passed judgment on a murderer.

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Stealing Minds, Breaking Spirits: The Life of Anti-Nazi German Scientists Post WWII

Editor Comment: The aftermath of WWII for every German around the world was profound; many millions suffered the horrors of sanctioned and premeditated starvation, rape, torture, execution, slavery and dispossession. 2,802 more words

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Did Jews Fake Hitler's "Master Race" Phrase To Create War & World Domination?

National Socialist Jewish and Racial Discrimination

Is it a myth that Germany claimed to be the “Master Race”?

Although not a crime, it is a fact that Adolf Hitler made numerous disparaging remarks about Jews throughout his political career. 1,925 more words

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