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Should All American College Students & Professors, No Matter Their Race Or Creed, Have Their First Amendment Right To Advocate For Historical Palestine Expunged?

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir… asserted, “It was not as though there was a Palestinian people in Palestine considering itself as a Palestinian people and we came and threw them out and took their country away from them.

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The Biggest Murder Trial In History! Did The American-Run Einsatzgruppen Trial Use Forged Documents To Convict Germans Of Genocide?

Benjamin Ferencz, Chief Prosecutor: “I once saw DPs beat an SS man and then strap him to the steel gurney of a crematorium. They slid him in the oven, turned on the heat and took him back out.

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The Extraordinary Life Of Leni Riefenstahl: Still Inspiring Hollywood & Sports Photographers 70 Years Later

…“Nobody making films today alludes to Riefenstahl.” …That was true, of course, if you discounted everything from George Lucas’s Star Wars to the Disney company’s The Lion King to every sports photographer alive…

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Why Do Spiritual & Self-Help Gurus Inspire Germanophobia? Are They Gullible Or Intoxicated With Fame & Book Sales In A Materialistic PC World?

Editor Comment: Who benefits from inspiring not only Germanophobia but global collective guilt about a scientifically disproved historical event? An event that is now both protected and enforced by reflexive laws even in nations that had no part in the sacred “original sin of the 20th Century” ascribed to Germans. 3,331 more words

Allied Guilt

Why The Secret Polish Documents Had To Be Denied & Denigrated At All Costs: They Reveal Exactly Who Desired & Instigated WW2

These documents clearly establish Roosevelt’s crucial role in planning and instigating World War II. They also reveal the forces behind President Roosevelt that pushed for war…  If the Polish documents were in fact authentic and genuine, this would mean that President Roosevelt and his representatives had lied to the American public, while the German government told the truth.

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Love Bytes

Fake News. Do you cringe every time this phrase pops up in discussions?

Ponder over the facts for a while and you will realise that the concept is perhaps as old as humankind is.  1,044 more words