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WEEKEND READ - Infographic: 10 ways to be an authentic business leader

What’s your leadership style? Bounding with respect, enthusiasm and credibility? Great!

But what if it is none of those traits? Here are 10 suggestions to boost your leadership style from Leadership Coach and CEO of Leadership HQ,Sonia MacDonald. Boost your authenticity here.

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Have a Great weekend

I am unwell and so is B,one of my guinea pigs hence i am gonna stay home, care for him and me all weekend. Hope you guys have a lot of plans this weekend.The odd couple premiered this week, i have always enjoyed Matheew Perry, he is a genuinely good actor and i look forward to this show as one of my favourite comedies Two and a Half men wrapped up this week,i shall miss it. 333 more words


WEEKEND READ - China's Churning Out Billionaires Like It’s 1999

IPOs have become very hot investment products in China, and the county’s world-best stock market rally made January the busiest month for IPOs in a year. 10 more words

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WEEKEND READ - These 10 charts show how differently men and women approach investing

Ever wondered just how differently men and women invest?

By analysing the portfolios of over 750,000 retail investors, robo-adviser SigFig highlighted patterns pertaining to risk, returns, and even favourite brokerages and company stocks.

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WEEKEND READ - Treadmill Desks Aren’t Just Healthier, They’ll Also Boost Your Work Performance

Raise your hand if you have:

a) Had a mind blank today?

b) Felt unproductive?

c) Are fidgety in your office chair?

Read on to find out how to reduce your symptoms by 35%.

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WEEKEND READ - The Australian Open is changing how sports communicate with fans

Tennis Australia is leading the way in innovative content and customer service at this year’s Australian Open. Marketing Magazine investigates how The Australian Open is changing how sports communicate with fans.

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We can all be a little Parisian

At times tongue and cheek, at others the perfect advice that you will never forget; How to be Parisian wherever you are. Love, Style and Bad Habits is a witty and insightful read sharing the Parisian ways. 13 more words