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Weekend Reflections: Abstract Windows

A magical building near City Hall in Winnipeg! Super abstract reflections in the windows that change depending on angle of view. Below are 2 photos of the same 4 windows, the only thing different being where I stood to take the photo(even a foot or two changed the reflection!): 6 more words




Every decision we make has a consequence. I’ve seen far TOO MANY tragedies because of bad choices. The murder that took place at Bojangles in Mauldin… 170 more words


Weekend Reflections: Ice

A tricky(and very cold) job: flooding the river ice to make the ice surface as smooth and clear as glass:

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Bodhi in snow

The Bodhi  in Viskan has got a coat and a cap of snow. The Bodhi is a statue by the Swedish sculptor Fredrik Wretman in Borås in the river Viskan that flows through the city. 31 more words


Weekend Reflections- Wonky Windows

A daytime view of wonky reflections in the Stantec building, viewed from the bus-stop area across the street at MTS Center in Winnipeg. I don’t know what it is about the windows but they certainly produce super-wonky reflections:

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