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Permission Not Required

This house was squashed into the protective gap between two rocks on the north Brittany coast in 1861 – well before planning permission was required. 59 more words

Weekend Reflections

Weekend Reflections: Puddle in the Exchange District

Hmm…another puddle reflection.. from the Exchange District in Winnipeg…. The street has a low spot and is always filled with water after a rain…lucky me!! The puddle was completely free of motion and gave a crystal clear reflection: 6 more words


Dealing With Change : Weekend Reflection

This weekend was a struggle for me. I have the immense privilege to work with a high school marching band. I am a color guard instructor for the Pride of Riverside Marching Band #GoWarriors. 536 more words

Fit Life

Highly Effective Leaders Do This!

Greece’s history is built upon the minds of the world’s greatest thinkers. One of them is the Greek philosopher, Socrates. Even though he’s 2,500 hundred years my senior we are still on a first name basis.  197 more words

Weekend Reflections

What's Your Reflection?

Without a doubt, your personal integrity is your most prized possession. Each day, that integrity is constantly tested, and you have an opportunity to prove it or lose it with every decision you make. 170 more words

Weekend Reflections

Weekend Reflections: Another Car Show

One of the last car shows of the season….in the parking lot of a mall. There was a lovely, large window which was perfect for a reflection of the vehicles and admirers. 21 more words