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Weekend Wanderings: Yackandandah Part 2

Here is the second part of my trip to Yackandandah.  The man from the Spiritus Art Gallery and gave me some directions and ideas of where to go.   554 more words


Weekend Wandering 8 – App Review: Earth Primer

I’m not usually in the habit of reviewing apps, but when Earth Primer came along, I was excited enough by its prospects to give it a try. 1,568 more words


Weekend Wanderings: Yackandandah Part 1

Last week or the week before I had to go to Wodonga with my daughter, she had to do something at the University there, and in the morning I had some time to kill so  some friends suggested that I go to Yackandandah to look around and take some photos.   479 more words


Weekend Wanderings: More Birds from the Wetlands

The last two three weeks have been crazy around here and a private matter has distracted me quite a bit from photography, however, good news and we got a very positive outcome.   248 more words


Weekend Wandering 7: 3rd World Farmer

I, too, cringe at the title as I am working with my students to stop using the term “3rd world” in favour of “Developing” or “Pre-Industrial”. 257 more words


Weekend Wanderings: Sorrento, Summer by the Sea

There was a fairly late start to summer here, we actually thought perhaps it had skipped us this year, not that I minded, it is probably the season I like the least, but alas it has found us and it is making up for lost time. 490 more words


Up for Discussion: Finding Places to Wander Around

The Weekend Wanderings posts are something that I really enjoy doing and I’ve been doing them for almost two years now.  For me they created a challenge of having to get photos for the posts, so I had to go out and take photos in places that I thought would be of interest to me and to you. 502 more words