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24 hours of tasting @Porto

Portugal’s second city is a laid back destination full of pretty shops, historic alleyways, and stories from its time as an iconic European trade city. Visit for its magnificent architecture, its burgeoning modern gastronomy, and the delights of a relaxed city with a strong cultural identity. 622 more words

A busy birthday weekend! 

Today is monkeys third birthday! What a 3 years it has been.

Time goes so much quicker now I have a child. I cannot believe that three years ago today we were bringing this 8 pound 10 ounce bundle of crying joy home. 290 more words


A weekend of raving

Tst, tst, tst — courtesy of YouTube playlists.

The strobe courtesy of my new fridge.

Good times.

The fridge is fixed now, something to do with the relay. 53 more words


Weekend without the kids.

It was actually quite a while since I had a weekend entirely without the kids but last weekend was such a weekend. My ex is on holiday so she has been having the kids all of last week including the weekend. 161 more words


Out of the comfort zone and into the fighting pits: Ultra White Collar Boxing 

So on Saturday night, I attended a charity white collar boxing event. I had never heard of this before, until my friend decided to sign up for the 8 week intensive training course in order to learn how to box for charity. 344 more words


A Musical and Some Family Time

Since going back to work in July, the arrangement that my husband and I have with our daughter is that he will stay with her during the week, and I’ll have her on the weekends while he’s working. 409 more words


weekend shenanigans

happy monday!!!
hope everyone had a great weekend!
as you can see, i’ve changed “our weekend adventures” to “weekend shenanigans”. that’s just much more us and fits us way better than ‘adventures’. 523 more words

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