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In the Dark

Hey there, kats and kittenz! I thought I’d pop onto the blog and drop some knowledge, seeing as I’m sitting here in the dark with the power out. 334 more words



Pre-dawn crickets telling tales of the evening’s revelry
Ghoulish parties in the wood
Mocking, the Jay banters and catcalls the Titmouse

Rough coffee, home-smoked bacon… 52 more words


Sometimes the Best Part of Hunting Season is Not Hunting

Yes, hunting trips can be fun, and are an effective means to a good, thorough mood cleanse, as I’ve noted. But other times? Other times, I just want to…not go. 497 more words


Four on Friday {10.28.16}

Good morning! How has your week been? Unlike last week, I feel like mine has flown by. Today’s post is only four on Friday, but a few are long so that’ll make up for it ;) 654 more words

Dining Out

What Was Missing

On our way to the nearest shopping center, we drove through the backroads that wind near and across the Chagrin River. There are such tight curves that the speed limit goes from 45 to 25 in just a few feet. 658 more words



dead tired …let the pics to the talking….most of Saturday spent in the kitchen….pumpkin roasting….seed roasting….pureeing….freezing…some left in the fridge for overnight oats…..

But my proudest funnest moment has to be making mussels in brine….talk about going down memory lane…childhood memories flooding back….my mum would be so proud of me….Mejillones en escabeche to me is Sunday Lunch….while mum was frying the croquettes and checking on the roast we would feast on the mussels and stuffed olives…. 112 more words


Notes from Sunday

We are de-stuffing. A major work of bringing out all the boxes, sorting through, making decisions of what to keep, what to toss but only after we have moments of our lives flash before our eyes and remember our former selves. 159 more words

Life As We Know It