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Right now it’s just after midnight and I’m lying here in my bed with the moonlight streaming down onto my face – I have a ceiling window – and its just so pretty to see something so simple. 279 more words

Fresh from the Farm: Palo Altans flock to Sunday farmers' market

Welcome to the California Avenue farmers’ market.

On any given Sunday morning in the year, vendors arrange their wares beneath brightly colored canopies and casually greet the streams of customers who walk along the blocked off street. 151 more words


Living Milestone to Milestone

Over the course of the last few years I have noticed that our lives have been lived in a state of reaching a particular milestone or date. 783 more words


3/1 and 2/28: Time Bleeds

Time bleeds, bleeds onward. Days fade through each other.

It’s 6 am Monday and I haven’t slept in about 48 hours, at least ten of which were spent lying in bed trying. 235 more words

Living for the weekend LIFE.

Every time a Monday rolls around my social media is filled with people asking, “where did the weekend go?”.
Every time a Wednesday pops up, there’s always a cry of, “half way through my working week!” 420 more words

Monday Moan, #5, 2015 - An Apparently Habitually Tardy Post

I’ve done it again: having spent the weekend recovering from last week’s five working days, before I know what’s hit me, Monday’s come and gone in the blink of an eye and this posting – this… 452 more words

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Monday Musings | It's Okay to Take a Weekend Off


I was bad this weekend. (Well, depending on how you define “bad.”)

How was I bad? I didn’t do any blog stuff at all! I didn’t even read! 240 more words

Monday Musings