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Teaser Tuesday: The Cinderella Murder

Over the weekend I began reading the story The Cinderella Murder written by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke. As a fan of Mary Higgins Clark, I picked up this story with confidence. 271 more words

Weekly Challenge

A challenge for the first week of May - 2

Part 1 is here

Your task today is to study the colours in your picture.

Find some scraps of coloured paper that match those in your photograph. 50 more words

Be Creatively


Written for FutureFiction’s Weekly Challenge #8! The prompt was ‘ in under 1000 words, you need to write a piece of fiction based on the prompt of admitting to something while at the top of a rollercoaster’. 367 more words


A challenge for the first week of May - 1

You will remember this picture. It was the subject of a series of prompts (which started here) that lasted a week. Don’t panic! I’m not suggesting we start again with the same picture…… but those prompts can be used with any picture. 133 more words

Be Creatively

Caption Challenge - May 2016 #1

Caption Challenge Time!

Caption Challenge Winner: Corissa, Maiden of Praise!

“When he said the end was coming, I didn’t believe him; if I had maybe he’d still be here.” 65 more words

Writing Prompt

Going Abstract

Abstract, the word may be defined in a number of ways, with one being close to imaginary.
Here, I have cobwebs, imagine them as life lines for the spiders, or death traps for the insects, its all valid.

Photo Assignments

The Roller Coaster

The car slowly descended the track, picking up momentum as it raced downwards. Jenna, Tristan and Nick glanced excitedly at each other – Tristan leaning over his friends seats in front of him – as the park whizzed by. 211 more words