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Get Figgsey-part 3 Alby Abduction

Next week, miscommunication abounds with texting catastrophe, ‘Jgdmaqe!’ Bee shrue toe tyune een…

Alby Figgs

Get Figgsey-part 2 The Return of Old Whassisface

Next week things take a turn for the dramatic (at last!) in Alby Abduction, part 3 of Get Figgsey!

Alby Figgs

Get Figgsey-part 1 'Death in Aisle Three'

Next week (yes, next week!) in Get Figgsey part 2, it’s ‘The Return of Old Whassisface’.

Get Figgsey is a brand new 7-part weekly super-sized Alby Figgs adventure in glorious black and white with ‘one shade of grey’.

Alby Figgs