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Against the coral backdrop

Against the coral backdrop of the setting sun, I put one foot in front of the other. My slow, steady gate moved rhythmically forward on the asphalt road. 175 more words


Week 14.1: Seven Days Strong

My goal going into this week was to run all seven days without taking a rest day.  And…

I did it!

I can’t even believe that a few short months ago I would sometimes go through an entire week without making time to run once. 379 more words

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Week 13.1: Sub-10

Last week I wrote that my goal was to average 4 miles a day over 6 days of running while trying to keep my pace under 10:00/mile for every run. 304 more words

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Weeks 11.1-12.1: Two-Week Lull

Hello strangers! I missed last week’s post, so I have two weeks of mileage for you today. You didn’t miss much though because I seem to still be in the same groove as the last few weeks, despite going into both weeks with the intention of increasing my mileage a little bit.  404 more words

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Week 10.1: Weird Week

What a weird week. Every day started off with me being excited to go running, but then my enthusiasm would wane just a few feet from my front door.   311 more words

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LT100 Training - From Injured to (Mostly) Healthy

by D

As any runner (or athlete in general) knows, being injured can do crazy things to your head. I know that sounds dramatic, but gosh, I hope it’s not just me. 655 more words


Week 9.1: Wasps!

Hello!  How’s it going?  Did everyone have a good week?  My week started off great.  I woke up Monday morning feeling like a million bucks.   917 more words

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