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Week 8.1: Fever

Last week I might have been flying high, feeling unbreakable, but this week I feel low and totally broken. My daughter came down with a pretty bad fever early in the week, and then, of course, I caught it. 287 more words

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Week 7.1: Unbreakable

One of the major highlights this past week was going to the Brooks PR Invitational, a track event featuring the best high school athletes in the nation. 930 more words

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Week 6.1: Getting Social

Okay, this week didn’t feel quite so great as last week.  I’m not sure what it was.  The heat, maybe? But, I’m still proud of myself for running another 21 mile week without thinking it was a big deal.   458 more words

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Week 5.1: A Bit of Hawaii

I felt so good running most of this week!  Monday and Thursday I did the same loop through Ravenna Park, and the shade far made up for the hills and trails.   669 more words

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26.2 Sticker

This week I am focusing on getting my weekly mileage back up to what it should be for my training. The last two weeks I haven’t been doing to great due to the speed focus my work outs took me. 291 more words

Week 4.1: Making the Time

It was easy to make time for running this week, which marks a huge shift in my mindset from a month ago, right before I started this blog. 373 more words

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Week 3.1: Third Week Push

I’ve always said the third week is the hardest when you’re getting back into training. During those first two glorious weeks, I think you benefit from the newness of everything.   280 more words

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