Just Relax ...

A couple of contented pooches soaking up the late afternoon Autumn sun. They have the right idea. Not a bit concerned about anyone who may or may not wish to enter this shop, but they do invite us to sit down and just… 9 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

"welcome to my kingdom"

There’s no better way to relax than reading with our beautiful granddaughter.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

When I don’t get any photos that I am pleased with I can feel a little agitated, but when I get a photo or two that I like….then I can… 29 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge | Relax

In response to the weekly photo challenge, who better to convey relaxation thank Buddy, aka BudLite, Budling, BiddyBud. Our lil’ sailor just loves to float in the pool!

Weekly Photo Challenge