WPC: Satisfaction

“Share a photo of something that brings you satisfaction,” invites Jen this week.  

Picking and eating our cherry tomatoes growing in abundance on our little kitchen deck is as… 16 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

There’s nothing that satisfies me more than a good meal.  I’m talking about the REALLY good meals where the taste of food is delicious and the portion is substantial and you are left completely satisfied and content.   148 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Woods

…..thanks to Frank for this week’s photo challenge – woods

Next to water I love the woods. My cottage sits in the woods a little ways back from the water’s edge. 34 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Topic - Unusual

This unusual visitor decided to come in our house and was hanging from the top of the front door. To get this photo – I had to stand on a step stool. 9 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Distance

Some weeks are about getting close, putting your nose up against the window, noticing every detail.  But for me, this last week has been about the long view, looking into the distance. 780 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This week we were invited to share an unusual photo, be it through technique, subject, etc.  I’ve been wanting to try this zooming technique ever since I saw it displayed using daisies as the subject by an Instagram friend.   63 more words