Edible layers

Maybe I’m hungry, but as was browsing through my photos, looking for something for the Layered photo challenge, these jumped out at me.

One of my stops along my paella manifesto… 13 more words


Layered: Weekly Photo Challenge


give added depth

or added protection

They can be worn or removed

or are simply there


or piled on

layer after layer.

In response to… 20 more words

Irene Waters

Layers of Life

I am probably cheating a bit here by not sharing one of my own photos for this week’s photo challenge, instead I am sharing an old photo of my beautiful parents in the bloom of their life. 563 more words


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge - Tombstones or Cemeteries

….thanks to Cee for this unusual theme for the week Fun Foto Challenge

I saved this challenge until I came across an interesting cemetery. This didn’t happen until last week when my friend D and I took a tour of some old churches on the west side of Lake Simcoe. 36 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Layered

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, New Mexico.

In this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge, Ben Huberman asks us to explore the interplay of texture and depth. He notes, “The topic is wide open, as long as you focus on the interplay of depth, density and texture…” Of course, as always, we can be flexible in our choices. 191 more words


Weekly photo challenge: layered

A delicious muffuletta in New Orleans.

A muffuletta is a traditional sandwich from New Orleans, created in 1906 at Central Grocery Company on Decatur Street.  The iconic grocery is still there, and that’s where we went to try this very filling delicacy.  33 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Layered Rainbow Jello and Cake

When I saw this week’ photo challenge LAYERED by Ben Huberman at WordPress, I thought of these photos immediately. The layered rainbow jello took five hours to make,- a plain layer had to set and them jello with some greek yogurt in the next layer to make the jello opaque.   55 more words