Weekly photo challenge: Ephemeral

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge prompt is ephemeral. Ephemeral means short lasting and sunsets are definitely short-lasting. And this one was simply gorgeous.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

…I must confess – I had to look up the word “ephemeral”… I’ve never heard of it before, shame on me!

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The Shadow Room

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeraladjective – Lasting for a very short time.


Last week was Spring Break. We went the opposite direction of Spring. 98 more words


Is it You?

Is it you come to visit my sweet beloved Star?
Does your spirit fleetingly flutter from oh so afar?

Are you happy, and can you tell me if it is really true? 180 more words


Sunday Stills: 100+

Australia isn’t full of really old things, or at least not buildings, but we do have a local railway station built in 1900. So, instead of dipping into my archives for a picture from Europe or Asia, I’ve actually managed to take one locally for a change. 18 more words