Weekly Photo Challenge - Time

Page, Arizona.

This week, Lignum Draco asks us to think about time. In his challenge, he references a sign relating to time passages and asks us to interpret our own feelings about time. 260 more words


Time at the beach: Weekly Photo Challenge

A flash of frozen time in January 2016. The sounds, smells, the feel of the sea breeze around me are faint echoes in my imagination. When I lick my lips I can almost taste the salt.

Telling Stories

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Take time to get out and enjoy the beauty of Nature before she slips away….

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

“…takes a cigarette/puts it in your mouth” – Bowie

nope wrong song…

So you live day to day,
And you dream about tomorrow, oh
And the hours go by like minutes… 65 more words


Photo Challenge: Time

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the passage of time

is measured in memories

generations fade



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Time Haiku Poem

The hands have now ceased.

As batteries were short lived.

Now, time is frozen.

Weekly Photo Challenge