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WPC - A Face in the Crowd

….this week’s theme focuses on photographing strangers or a A Face in the Crowd

It’s not about capturing any one face or even a group of faces in the crowd but more about capturing a moment. 14 more words


Not A Face, Not A Crowd: Weekly Photo Challenge - A Face in the Crowd

“Explore the use of anonymity to express both that which is common to all of us and the uniqueness that stands out even when the most obvious parts of us are hidden.” 92 more words


What Did She Try To Hide

It wasn’t my idea to take this picture, but it was in my phone anyway. “Somebody” took it for me and I am more than glad to use and reuse it from time to time because I love these pictures. 429 more words

The Daily Post

Nameless Crowds

When we gather in a crowd we feel more anonymous
when on the internet we feel similar
one degree removed from being a known friendly face… 14 more words


A Face in the Crowd

Richmond BC (Greater Vancouver) is home to the Richmond Night Market, a shopping  extravaganza with authentic Asian snacks ranging from tornado potatoes, grilled squid, fresh mango desserts, dragon’s beard candy and bubble waffles. 72 more words


Facing the Past

The focus is the soaring height of the historical architecture and while there are crowds of people, deep in their individual prayers, they are connected in their faith and focus on the Western Wall of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem.  143 more words