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Neighborhood Boundaries

The power of art
Unifying neighborhoods
From all walks of life

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries


Weekly Photo Challenge - Boundaries

….what do you think of when the theme is boundaries? 

Join The Daily Post and submit a photo or two that shouts out ‘boundaries’.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundary ( South Korea )

This is a boundary between the beautiful and the ordinary;

between the surreal and the real and

between the autumn foliage and the river.

The picture was taken during Autumn in South Korea. 6 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge : Boundaries...

Can you see where the reality ends and the creation starts?

This is a boundary with a difference. It is a boundary of what the mind conceives as reality. 114 more words


Boundaries: Game 162

Every fan knows that baseball mimics the seasons.

The year starts with the freshness of spring when anything — everything — is possible.

On to summer, when the sun runs high and hot, the nights turn steamy, and the hottest teams go on sweaty win streaks and the homers fly out like crazy because, as every fan knows, baseballs love the heat and humidity. 117 more words


Chickens, Eggs, and Other Dimensions

There are chickens, and there are eggs, and I don’t actually care which came first, yet sometimes it’s fun to do a few laps with circular questions. 154 more words