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Guess where I am …?

hope to go again next weekend but it will never look like this again …
an evanescent moment

WPC:  Evanescent




A shot I took one winter morning in Dubai on my way to work.

When clouds, natural light, and jet crossed path.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Photo of the Day!

A flower blossoms for its own joy. ― Oscar Wilde

Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes. ― Clare Ansberry. 41 more words



Passing by a bicycle lane crossing a pedestrian lane I came upon a child´s shoe on a stone pillar. Was it some child on the back of the parent´s bike that lost the shoe or in a buggy? 59 more words


Evanescent Effervesence

Evanescent Effervescence” — there’s a tongue twister for you! The bubbles in this glass of bubbly shoot into the air like micro-sized fireworks, making the most of their mere seconds of life. 31 more words


WPC: Evanescent

Our first morning at the Granite Park Chalet, Glacier National Park, Montana

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent


WPC: Heritage

I’m WAY late for last week’s challenge, Heritage, but I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I saw it.  Bad weather and a fall that left me home bound for several days got in the way but I still wanted to do it. 376 more words