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The weekly planner that could change your life and help you get shiz done

A weekly planner empowers you to put first things first and gives you the freedom and flexibility to handle unexpected events, to shift appointments if you need to, to nurture relationships and deeply enjoy spontaneous experiences, knowing that you have organised your week to accomplish key goals in every area of your life.

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Building Yourself Up

Featuring: Renee Locks

Renée Locks has been part of the Brush Dance family of artists since the 1990s. Her works have been wildly popular with our customers for many years. 288 more words


2018 Christian-Inspired Calendars and Planners

Brush Dance isn’t a religious company. Rather, we like to think of ourselves as all-inclusive with a focus on mindfulness. ¬†Religion and prayer are definitely one path to mindfulness and we include several Christian-based… 219 more words


How to survive first year of uni

For all the students either planning to go to university or currently in the first year of their studies. University will be the best few years of your life but it also will come with stress. 454 more words


kate spade Mega & Medium Agendas

Early last month I did a #plannermatch post pairing my sister Kim with the large kate spade agenda in Zodiac. I also wanted to do a more thorough review of the kate spade agenda so I decided to look at both the mega and medium sizes of the 17-month 2017-2018 planner. 1,627 more words


How I Plan My Week // Blogtober Day 18

As you all know from my previous couple of blog posts I have a clear obsession over organisation, over every aspect of my life. This blog post will be the final one of the blogtober series to speak about how I organizing my life. 392 more words


Fringe Studio Planner

Fringe Studio is a bit mysterious. They are located in Irvine, CA (website says Irvine, product says Culver City, CA) but operate in wholesale distribution to other vendors. 1,682 more words