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Week Ending 2/17/18

Not a really productive week………………………………………….. 1,527 more words

Weekly Post


via Daily Prompt: Present

I am happy this moment.

I don’t know for how long,

but i am.

This joy feels like a luxury today. 11 more words

Crazy Kids & Crazier Chicks

CRAZAAAY. I have a feeling I’m going to use that word in here so many times, that it’s going to stop feeling like a word anymore. 1,179 more words


Muffin Tops-WPC Sweet

Dear, dear muffin tops
I don’t want you near
I work out too hard
for months in the year

Although I love those muffin tops… 50 more words


Just some things we’ve both learned through being involved with each other.

1. Check In’s

Holly: How was your day babe?

Alex: We literally haven’t been more than 3 yards away from each other for the last 36 hours.

1,024 more words
The Great Scandinavian Extravaganza

Flash Fiction: The Love Grinch

Author’s Note: Here’s a little something I whipped up for Valentine’s Day. Since love is in the air, some of it landed in this story – in the most backhanded of ways. 962 more words


Temptation-WPC Sweet

Ladies’ breakfast treat, but only a tempting option.