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Weekly Reader 25: Roseburg Edition

My heart breaks for the victims of the Roseburg shooting.  I wish that everyone could go to school/work/out in public without fear of violence. 487 more words

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Weekly Reader - W.E, 9/6

This week’s reader post will include anything I read last week as well… I’ll be honest, this semester of school had/has me a little overwhelmed so it’s been a light couple of weeks and may continue to be that way for the next 14 because of the work load.   541 more words

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Weekly Reader - W.E. 8/23/15

This week’s reading was solely dedicated to one of my new favorite authors: Christina C Jones.  I’ve read quite a few of her books but I am now a die hard fan! 188 more words

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Weekly Reader 19: Saint Etienne Edition

I’ve been on a major Saint Etienne kick this week.

Ok, to be 100% honest, I discovered Saint Etienne this week.

I know.  Where have I been?   378 more words

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Weekly Reader 18: Accomplished Edition

Sigh.  I JUST cleared out my Feedly.  (Last week I had over 1,300 unread posts and it definitely capped at about 1,700 before I started going through and marking things as READ.)  I’m feeling very accomplished although I guess that’s a silly thing to feel accomplished by when I spent three hours clearing my reader when I have dishes, laundry, errands to run, food to prep for the week and grand plans of scheduling three blog posts for the week.  331 more words

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My Weekly Reader - W.E. 8/16

I’m an avid reader and as a result, I’ve decided to post the books I’ve read each week and if I can bring myself to do it, I’ll write a quick blurb about why I liked the book or why I didn’t (no promises) but definitely if I’d recommend or not.   217 more words

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Weekly Reader 17: Nooope Edition

I’m several days late with this.  I worked 11 hour days all last week and just came home and was NOT interested in turning on my computer.  202 more words

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