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Weekly Reader 39: I'll Keep the Chocolate Edition

I absolutely LOVE this meme from YEARS ago.  It completely defines my life and perspective on Valentine’s Day.  :)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate!  :D  Hehe my favorite! 252 more words

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Weekly Reader 34: Back to the Real World Edition

Sigh!  I’m back!  It’s the first full week after the holidays and I’m STRUGGLING.  On top of it I’ve been fighting a cold for about a week now and the weather has been a bit rainy for Southern California.   484 more words

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Weekly Reader 30: Woefully Inadequate Edition

I’ve been a bit off the radar the last few days.  I had things planned but then there were the Paris attacks and Mizzou and this war on ISIS which you just KNOW will result in thousands of civilian casualties and states denying Syrian refugees and And AND…. 175 more words

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Weekly Reader 27: Group Projects Edition

This is the best thing I’ve seen ALL WEEK:

I’m not the only one that absolutely HATED/HATES group projects, right?  UGH.  The. Worst.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week: 299 more words

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Weekly Reader 26: Seaweed Edition

So, it turns out I’m allergic to seaweed.

Found this out after shoveling a couple handfuls of roasted seaweed snack in my mouth.

NOT a good look. 548 more words

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Weekly Reader 25: Roseburg Edition

My heart breaks for the victims of the Roseburg shooting.  I wish that everyone could go to school/work/out in public without fear of violence. 487 more words

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Weekly Reader - W.E, 9/6

This week’s reader post will include anything I read last week as well… I’ll be honest, this semester of school had/has me a little overwhelmed so it’s been a light couple of weeks and may continue to be that way for the next 14 because of the work load.   541 more words

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