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Weekly Report!!

Here is the newsletter from the week of the 19th!! Enjoy!!


Weekly Reports

Nonexistent Detriments

This past week I have finally realized why the world has and will always constantly struggle with a shortage of neurosurgeons. Initially focused primarily on statistics and numbers, this insufficient number of workers seemed at the very least irrational. 243 more words

Weekly Reports

The Week in Focus 17th to 23rd September 2016

The week kicked off with a drop in temperature, winds from the northern quarter, overcast skies and heavy drizzle – perfect skua weather but the reality of standing exposed on Pitsford causeway (no sitting in cars, remember) waiting, waiting, waiting, quickly lost its appeal for some of us at least. 887 more words

Weekly Reports

The Week In Focus, 10th to 16th September

The warmest September day since 1911 saw temperatures rise to 34.4ºC on 13th, backed by a south to south-easterly airstream. Otherwise, largely dry weather prevailed locally until the week’s end, the wind having changed to west or south-westerly. 986 more words

Weekly Reports

Weekly Report

Here is our Newsletter for the week of the 12th!!


Weekly Reports


Towards the beginning of the week, I learned about the Independent Study and Mentorship (ISM) program’s protocol, in addition to business interactions and formal dress attire. 238 more words

Weekly Reports

WR: September 12 - September 18

The Tutorial Level

ISM is slowly starting to pick up its pace. We’ve peer edited our resumes, learned about writing research assessments, discussed how to talk properly on the phone and how doing so is different from talking in person. 1,223 more words