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Week 34 (August 17 - August 23)

So almost 2 months of studies have been completed. It was now time to take assessments of the students so as to gauge how much they had understood and how much had they retained. 132 more words

Weekly Reports

Week 33 (August 10 - August 16)

Rahul and I made a small update to our Culture Plan for the class this week. Merlyn suggested that since we have a few students with defiant behaviour, it would be better if we start giving them black stars and penalise them accordingly by either talking to them after school or by asking them to sit back during the sports period. 89 more words

Weekly Reports

Week 32 (August 3 - August 9)

This week, we had our second Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM). Things got out of hand a bit when the parents saw that their kids had scored low marks in the  Beginning of Year (BOY) papers. 196 more words

Weekly Reports

The Week in Focus: 1st to 7th August 2015

A fine, dry start to the week saw, for the first time, almost nothing reportable at the weekend, although the early autumn ‘clearout’ of Common Swifts was evidently well under way with hundreds, if not thousands, reported streaming south over the county, taking advantage of the clear skies and sunshine throughout the initial two-day period. 617 more words

Weekly Reports

Week 31 (July 27 - August 2)

So Merlyn has now shifted to grade 8, which means Rahul and I will have to teach in grade 7.

The only problem is that since these two classes are geographically separate (one is on the ground floor, while other is on the first floor), there is a transition time required to move from one class to the other. 115 more words

Weekly Reports