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Rarity Round-up 12th to 18th August 2017

This week was largely dry but the winds varied between north-westerly and south-westerly – hardly conducive to migrants from the continent. Lingering ducks and egrets, a continual stream of godwits and news that Northamptonshire’s 11th Night Heron had been present in the county for well over a week, under the dreaded ‘locality withheld’ caveat, did little to lift local spirits. 459 more words

Weekly Reports

The weekly report: 3Aug

(for the 3rd week of August, the 19th, I’m a bit late this week)

I’ve finished reading Oyasumi Punpun and I loved the vibe so much that I decided to go on a reading spree… fucking mangas, being amazing and shit… 286 more words

Weekly Reports

Week 32: Just Mending

This was not an exciting week for my sewing habit, I fear. I checked two items off my mending list, but I decided I’m going to use a fitting sloper to finish up my bodice sloper for now, and when I went to Joann earlier today they did not have the fitting sloper pattern that I could find. 211 more words

Weekly Reports

Rarity Round-up 5th to 11th August 2017

This week’s weather was largely a repetition of last week’s, with Atlantic lows sweeping across the country, although continual heavy rain accompanied more northerly winds on 8th-9th. 422 more words

Weekly Reports

The weekly report: 2Aug

(for the 2nd week of August, 2aug)

..or should I call it the weekly shitport? ..get it? because it’s shit.. hahahaha….sorry  .-.
So… here it is: 199 more words

Weekly Reports

Week 31: Bodice Sloper (front)

It seems that drafting and doing a muslin for the bodice sloper was way too ambitious for a single week, haha. It might have been all right if I hadn’t run into issues with drafting, but of… 584 more words

Weekly Reports