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Erasure: Apostol and Cohen

Q: Why do you think the act of erasure/subtraction is used by the artist?

Alexander Apostol:

Venezuela at times has shown great economic promise and prematurely invested in massive real estate projects. 617 more words

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Jeff Soto

Jeff has a very colorful and intricate work. Seeing the images on a wall definitely makes them seem like graffiti but other pictures just look like normal drawings. 49 more words

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Martina Lopez

Martina Lopez is an artist who shows her emotions and keeps her memories alive through her photographs. She plays around with his families photographs and puts a different beautiful backgrounds to those old pictures. 29 more words

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Denis Darzacq

His pieces of art were very different for me. It made it seem like the people were floating in the supermarket. They were all young people who also seemed like dancers. 56 more words

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Marcel Dzama

Marcel Dzama is hailed as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. His work stems from a deeply emotional and psychological need to understand people and their interaction to the world around him; or as he puts it,” … 3,455 more words

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Teun Hocks

Hocks has very similar pictures shown. The very last ones of his folder seemed to be different men with posing in the same way, with different animal heads and holding different instrument, all with the same exact background. 77 more words

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Erik Johansson

I was really intrigued by Johansson’s work when I first went through them. Most of them have a gloomy tone to it not because of the colors but because of the vibe it gives. 87 more words

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