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The Haunted as the Haunts: Domesticity in Ghost Stories

Thinking about character and domesticity, concerning Beloved and HillHouse, brings me back to my discussion of femininity from last week. In both texts, the ghosts are highly domestic, which means that the ghosts are also highly feminized—the domestic sphere being the only sphere women could move freely or exercise any agency, historically. 208 more words

Haunted Houses

The Women in White: Unreliable Female Narrators

Clockwise from top left: Julie Harris (Eleanor) in “The Haunting” (1963); Harris and Claire Bloom (Theo); Michelle Dockery (Ann/The Governess) and Josef Lindsay (Miles) in “The Turn of the Screw” (2009); Dockery, Lindsay, and Eva Sayer (Flora) 700 more words

Haunted Houses

Entry: Haunted Heteronormativity

One of the quintessential aspects of horror is the haunted house. It comes in all forms, from the rotting and dilapidated Satis House in Great Expectation… 459 more words

Haunted Houses

Weekly Response #12: Childhood Story

Tell us the title of your favourite childhood story.  Briefly recap the story, as well as any details connected to how you encountered this story (for example, was it read to you by your grandma?). 14 more words