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The Women in White: Unreliable Female Narrators

Clockwise from top left: Julie Harris (Eleanor) in “The Haunting” (1963); Harris and Claire Bloom (Theo); Michelle Dockery (Ann/The Governess) and Josef Lindsay (Miles) in “The Turn of the Screw” (2009); Dockery, Lindsay, and Eva Sayer (Flora) 700 more words

Haunted Houses

Entry: Haunted Heteronormativity

One of the quintessential aspects of horror is the haunted house. It comes in all forms, from the rotting and dilapidated Satis House in Great Expectation… 459 more words

Haunted Houses

Weekly Response #12: Childhood Story

Tell us the title of your favourite childhood story.  Briefly recap the story, as well as any details connected to how you encountered this story (for example, was it read to you by your grandma?). 14 more words


In an effort to.... Fatima

In an effort to keep my sanity,
I strive to love myself.
I thank God every night for letting me feel,
even if its too much at times. 24 more words

Weekly Responses

Week 6/7? "In an Effort To..." Prompt- Isabelle

Here is my response to Rick’s in class prompt to write our own version in under 59 words.

In an effort to spark creativity,
I now carry a pen with me at all times… 42 more words

Weekly Responses

Weekly Response #9: Final message

I’d like you to type up the message. You have a 1000-character limit. That’s the length of about 6 tweets. This blog post will be graded using the rubric below: 40 more words

Weekly Responses

Reaction to Emily

Hi Emily,

Although you haven’t published your thoughts about Keeping Quiet, is still want to give a reaction to your words.

I think you are exactly right. 107 more words

Weekly Responses