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Week 5: Linh Le

Response to “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara

Hi, this is Linh. I realized that i’ve never considered the bigger picture of my position in society. 403 more words

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Week 5: Leah

I thought that “The Lesson” was powerful because it not only highlighted the known or unknown difference in the lives of the poor versus the rich, but it also showed the importance of a valuable education. 198 more words

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Week 5: Nina

The Pablo Neruda story gave me chills because of how true it is. It is true that affection from someone who doesn’t know you seems to warm you in a way that can’t really be replicated. 77 more words

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Week 4: Nina

Hello, Nina here. Sorry if this is all messy I’m not really sure if I’m using this correctly!
So we discussed Gwendolyn Brook’s poem and it really left me feeling unsettled but honestly I could clearly see the picture she was trying to create =, and in fact I have seen that picture before and as sad as it is to say, I have lived it too. 149 more words

Weekly Responses

Week 5 : Marthe

Hi there, here is an overview of my thoughts on the articles. I have no clue if this is what we strive for but I just wrote down my unfiltered thoughts. 451 more words

Weekly Responses

Week 5: Fatima

I liked the quick story. It really brings to light the harsh comparison between the wealthy and poor within a few pages. It describes that crucial moment in which someone realizes they are not part of a form of lifestyle that can afford $1000 toys.

Weekly Responses