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Creativity within the Community

Communities can consist of groups of people with similar interests and goals. The class presentation was very informative of communities that I did not realised were ‘communities’. 528 more words

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Industry and Creativity

This subject is very relevant to my Bachelor of Creative Industries…

Whilst I wish to step into the industry of spatial design or graphic design, there are always steps to take when completing a project. 416 more words

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Creative Environments

This subject is closely related to my project for this unit. My project entails designing a creative environment or workspace for specific clients. As all of my projects are located in an actual bedroom they should be “dreamy, calming and restful, the bedroom should be your sanctuary” 542 more words

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week 6 - Creativity and Technology

James Simmons hosted this weeks lecture. He is a Perth based photographer, shooting landscapes, creative and weddings as well. He showed a wide range of his works during the lecture some quite moving images such as the photos from Bali and also India. 616 more words

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Week 6 - Lecture James Simmons

come down to hard work, communicate a story, story telling getting an idea across

draw on experience

visual, experience, hear inspiration

feeling of vulnerability, kick start creativity… 71 more words

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Creative Principles - John Harman

Relate to self

Know who you are


Story is in our dna every one loves them

Where do you get your ideas

World filled with potential ideas… 178 more words

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Theories of creativity

Already had the discussion of what we think creativity is in our first lecture, examples such as the engagement of a possibility and being fearless of doing something wrong, a response to a challenge of a problem and also how we realise our great ideas when we least expect them. 521 more words

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