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Week 8: Transcribing

Reading Reflections: I was admittedly very excited for this week’s topic as I have had some dubious and quite frustrating experiences with transcription in the past. 1,036 more words

Weekly Responses

Week 7: The Internet as a Data Collection Tool

Feedback on Adobe Connect Class Session:

I was quite surprised that my microphone did not work for the entirety of the class session. I had just used Adobe Connect for a webinar the week before and it all worked fine. 892 more words

Weekly Responses

Week 6: Generating and Managing Data

Reading Response:

This week we read about the processes of generating and managing data. First, in the Digital Tools for Qualitative Research book was the discussion surrounding the generation of data. 663 more words

Weekly Responses

Week #5: Updates and The Paperless Literature Review

Work Session #1:

I was incredibly thankful last week for the opportunity to discuss Atlas.ti for Mac with Ricardo. I wouldn’t say that I still feel 100% confident that I will be able to fully understand the flow of it- but I am promising myself that I will at the very least try (and also find some time to watch more tutorial videos!). 900 more words

Weekly Responses

Reading Reflection #2/Evernote/Skill-building Activities Focus

Reading Reflection:

Reflexive Practice and Ethics:

I think as an anthropologist we have reflexive practice drilled into our heads from day one in grad school. We are actively encouraged to not only take/keep/guard fieldnotes while doing ethnographic fieldwork but also personal “reaction” or “observation” diaries as well. 752 more words

Weekly Responses