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Weekly Response #2: Colour Coded (Due Friday, September 23)

This writing challenge is on creating atmosphere through descriptive language.

Write a descriptive paragraph that contains a colour in the first sentence. Use the “colour word” only once, but suggest the colour in as many ways as possible. 102 more words


Week Two: Fairy Tales and Clichés

Part One: According to William Zinsser, “What keeps most sportswriters from writing good English is the misapprehension that they shouldn’t be trying to (Zinsser 181).  The language of sports is more complex than its vagueness, metaphors, and exhausted clichés.   732 more words

Sports Writing

Weekly Response #1: Comfort Zone (due Friday 16 September)

This week, you’ll respond to this quote: “Success lives at the edge of your comfort zone”.

Use the six-traits-writing-rubric to plan, edit, and evaluate your own work. 98 more words


Week Six- Creativity and Technology

This week a lot happened. I had a group presentation with two classmates on this weeks topic- Creativity and Technology. Our presentation, in my opinion, went really well. 730 more words


Week Four- The Creative Psyche

The reading this week was “The Jung Reader” by David Tracey, pages 137-150. This section explored Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes, and also included studies of cultures, religions and history of ideas. 543 more words


Week Three- Creative Personality

Name an individual (historical or contemporary) who you consider to be extremely creative and why.”

One creative person who inspires me is the artist Ben Quilty. 851 more words


Week One- Reading Response

Which idea felt the most ‘wrong’ to you? Discuss why.

This week’s reading was quite long, and came from “Rethinking Creativity: Contributions from social and cultural psychology”. 424 more words