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Week 13. Writing and representing findings

Reading Response: I thoroughly enjoyed the article this week from Powell, Jacob and Chapman. This is something I have been thinking about for years now. I love how the authors are towing the line for blogging-as-academic-scholarship as much as peer-reviewed journal articles. 833 more words

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Week 12: Analyzing mixed methods data

Reading Response:

I was extremely excited for this week as I do mixed methods research and I desperately needed a refresher on these methodologies. The most valuable readings for me this week were the PLD chapter and the Kukartz chapter. 491 more words

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Week 11. Analyzing audio & visual data

Reading Response: When reading the Paulus et al. chapter one keyword in the introduction simultaneously filled me with excitement and dread: geolinking. Last year, I took an “Anthropology of Landscapes” class in which we used various technologies to create maps (including ArcGIS- which is one of the most frustrating software programs on the planet). 480 more words

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Week 10: Internet as data source (social media)

Update on Atlas.ti: I have to say, I think I am a convert already to ATLAS.ti after attending two (Ricardo was ill for the last session) online class training sessions over the Spring Break. 827 more words

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Week 9. Internet as data source (virtual worlds)

Some good news: I signed up for the Atlas.ti for Mac webinar for spring break! Hoping that I can finally learn it enough to actively use it and am extremely interested in the blogging for access offer that was given to us a couple of weeks ago. 841 more words

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Week 8: Transcribing

Reading Reflections: I was admittedly very excited for this week’s topic as I have had some dubious and quite frustrating experiences with transcription in the past. 1,036 more words

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Week 7: The Internet as a Data Collection Tool

Feedback on Adobe Connect Class Session:

I was quite surprised that my microphone did not work for the entirety of the class session. I had just used Adobe Connect for a webinar the week before and it all worked fine. 892 more words

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