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"Falling Upward"

Here we go again. This week’s Torah portion is the beginning of the Joseph saga. In other words, yet another Genesis tale of a dysfunctional family. 528 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

Us & Them: The Story of Dinah Through Different Eyes

Some biblical stories are easily summed up. Take, for example, “The Rape of Dinah.” Except that it’s barely about Dinah at all.

Yes, the story begins when Dinah “went out to see the daughters of the land” (Genesis 34:1). 554 more words


Oy, Families!

I can’t decide. This week’s Torah portion raises so many questions that I don’t know where to begin, what to write about. It is the passage in Genesis where we meet the Bible’s second set of twins. 526 more words


Looking Straight Ahead - Sarah's Test

We know that God isn’t “up there” somewhere, but we still look up when beseeching God, still quote the Psalmist, “I lift my eyes up to the hills, from where does my help come?” … 425 more words


Seven Tips on How to Be a Blessing

This is the d’var Torah I offered last night at my synagogue.

This week’s Torah portion is Lech L’cha, when God tells Abraham to get up and go to an unknown destination, and that he both will be blessed… 1,080 more words

Weekly Torah Portion


Like many of my generation, I use Facebook frequently. I like saying “happy birthday” to people, seeing pictures of children and grandchildren, and knowing the minutia of my friends’ lives, even if they live far away. 569 more words


"You Are Enough"

Pity poor Noah. He needed a better press agent.

Noah has gotten a bad rap for centuries, because of one Hebrew word in the very first sentence of this week’s Torah portion, which reads: “This is the line of Noah. 467 more words