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Joseph and Messiah--Part 3--11-20-15

Genesis 39:1-6:–1 And Joseph was brought down to Egypt. And he was sold to Potiphar, an official of Pharaoh, chief of the executioners, an Egyptian man, from the hand of the Ishmaelites who had brought him down there. 1,387 more words

Weekly Shabbat Messages

How Many Lives Did Sarah Have? A Study in Biblical Hebrew Grammar

Today’s Parashah {פרשה} (weekly Torah portion) is ‘Chayei Sarah’ {חיי שרה} (Hebrew for ‘Life of Sarah’). This is the fifth weekly Torah portion in the Book of Genesis and can be found in Genesis 23:1–25:18. 490 more words

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The Real Rainbow Coalition

I can always count on my friend Daniel Jacobsen to pose simple questions with complicated answers.  Whenever I see him coming at me with that look in his eye, I know my brain is in for some heavy lifting. 372 more words

Jewish Philosophy

What does 'a possession for the assembly of Jacob' mean?

In Moses’ final blessing on Israel, one can find the following words:

“When Moses commanded us a law, as a possession for the assembly of Jacob. 199 more words

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Ki tetze: The Jewish Experience.... Just Catch A Ball!

Would you like to say something before we switch off the microphone?

This is an important question to keep in mind in order to understand what the Torah has been talking about over the last parashot (portions) and specifically this week in Parashat Ki Tetze! 570 more words


Moses: The Glorious Leader of All People

When we first started discussing the Book of Exodus, I mentioned that a new phase of history had begun! The Children of Israel were no longer just a family but rather had become a ‘people’ – and a ‘people’ requires a new style and type of leadership, the type of leadership demonstrated by Moses. 237 more words

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The Power of One

Tomorrow’s ‘Parashah’ (weekly Torah portion) is ‘Re’eh’ (Hebrew for ‘see’). This is the fourth ‘Parashah’ in the Book of Deuteronomy and can be found in Deuteronomy 11:26–16:17. 207 more words

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