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Pekudei: your own deeds will cause you to be near, and your own deeds will cause you to be far.

ELE PEKUDEI HAMISHKAN – “These are the numbers of the Mishkan”, they are the words that begin our Torah portion. We are concluding the fifth of 5 Torah portions that are focused on the construction of the Tabernacle. 886 more words


Shprintz's Ramble on Parshat Bo: Teach Your Children!

Hi everyone! I’ve been reading Sharon’s thoughts on the weekly Torah portion for over a year now. I thought the content was so thought provoking and her style is just a breath of fresh air. 537 more words


God's Name and His Land Promises to the Children of Israel

On last Saturday’s post we discussed the transition from a “family” to a “people.” In Genesis, we learned about a family that was led by the three patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 387 more words

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Between Genesis and Exodus: From a Family to a People

Last week, we finished reading the Book of Genesis and today we start with the Book of Exodus. The first “parasha” (weekly Torah portion) is “Shemot” {שמות} – Hebrew for ‘names’ and it is found in Exodus 1:1 -6:1. 260 more words

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Joseph and Messiah--Part 6--1-1-16

This week, we return to our study of Joseph and Messiah, in Genesis chapters 43 & 44. In this section, we see the sons of Israel return to Egypt for a second time to buy grain from Joseph. 2,448 more words

Sabbath In Surprise Arizona

Israel's Destiny: More than Brothers

“Vayigash” {ויגש} (Hebrew for “and he drew near”) is the eleventh weekly Torah portion (parashah {פרשה}) in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading. It is found in Genesis 44:18–47:27. 548 more words

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The Hebrew Meaning of the Word Angel: With Whom Did Jacob Wrestle?

Yesterday’s Parasha {פרשה} (weekly Torah portion) was ‘Va-Yishlach’ {וישלח} (Hebrew for ‘and he sent’). This is the eighth weekly Torah portion in the Book of Genesis and can be found in Genesis 32:4–36:43. 269 more words

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