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In the Wilderness: society run amok

When I wrote to my congregation from Jerusalem last week, I said that Israel is a complicated place. As I have settled back into the normalcy of life here at home, I find myself thinking the same thing about the United States. 783 more words


Seeking a path in the Wilderness between Jerusalem and Gaza

This week we read Parashat Bamidbar.  Bamidbar is the first Torah portion and the name of the 4th book of the Torah.  Bamidbar literally means in the wilderness, however its English name is The  Book of Numbers. 1,493 more words


Building God's House

I was in Israel last week, and while walking in Jerusalem with a friend I suddenly lost my bearings and said in surprise, “I’m lost!” The friend replied, “No you’re not – I know exactly where we are.” 441 more words


Mo'edim: Weekly Torah Portions - Parashat ha-Shavua

Shalom everyone! The Weekly Torah Portion or “Parashat ha-Shavua,” “parashah,” or “parsha,” is a section of the Torah that is read publicly and aloud each week during Israelite prayer services. 804 more words

Hebrew Bible

WHERE WE GO ONE WE ALL GO: God enjoys counting the Israelites because of His special affection for each one.

If you’re like me when reading in Numbers 1 the calling out of Israel’s census is boring reading.  This past spring I received from the US government a census in the mail.  653 more words

Holy Speech

The Bible may be a massive volume with more than 600 commandments, but for me, its message is encapsulated in a verse from this week’s Torah portion: “God spoke to Moses, saying, Speak to the whole Israelite community and say to them: You must be holy because I, Adonai your God, am holy.” (Leviticus 19:2) 345 more words


This is Why Next Shabbat I am going to Be Walking For Life-organ donation

This week’s Torah portion is Tazria Metzora. It is the combination of two Torah portions that address two different topics: Tazria, that has to do with the time required for a woman to become ritually pure after delivery, and Metzora, which has to do with the illness of Tzara’at – commonly known today as Leprosity. 660 more words