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Complex Issues Deserve Thoughtful Solutions

I was at a meeting of the local Ministerial Association this week, and the 50+ clergy were talking about the Parkland school shooting. One person mentioned a “letter” to God from a student, which is being circulated on the internet. 499 more words


Speaking Out

When it comes to teenagers, adults have a double standard. Our youth can serve in the military at age 17, and children as young as 14 have been tried as adults in the criminal justice system. 493 more words


It's up to us. All of us.

My daughter Sarah Jane is a high school English teacher in Seoul, South Korea. Whenever I tell someone where she lives, the immediate response is a startled expression and: “Aren’t you worried about her?” 583 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

The Meaning of Torah

A young friend told me the other day that he is confused, because someone told him the word Torah means law. “I don’t think that’s correct,” he said. 326 more words


Liminal Spaces

Last year, my friend Rabanit Bracha Jaffe wrote about this week’s Torah portion, when the Children of Israel crossed the Reed Sea, and called the sea itself a liminal space. 285 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

Can you touch darkness?

I love my home. I love the art, the plants, the books, even the furniture. Everything in it tells me a story.

I love when sunlight streams through the windows, especially in winter afternoons, when I know the light will go as quickly as it came. 316 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

Should Oprah Run?

We take for granted that Moses was the leader of the Children of Israel, the brave man who stood up to Pharaoh, the wise one who came to God’s attention because he took notice of a wondrous bush that burned but was not consumed by the fire. 467 more words