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Searching for meaning and building the intangible : Parashat Truma

“Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them”. (Exodus, 25, 8).

Last week I visited Cambodia, I was in Siem reap visiting the temple Angkor Wat, and I couldn’t stop repeating to myself that Pasuk. 673 more words


Each of us is a "half"

Rachel Levi
Class of 2018

Parshas Shekalim

Parshat Shekalim, first of the four special Torah portions we read leading up to the Passover holiday, describes the gift of ½ shekel that each man was required to give towards the construction of the  300 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Parshat Mishpatim

Based on the book by Robert Fulghum All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten. (A classic.)

When you read this week’s Torah portion, see if you can figure out which laws taught me these basic lessons. 236 more words


The Key For The Upcoming Elections: Parashat Mishpatim

  If you want to learn the essence of Judaism according to the Torah don’t miss Parashat Mishpatim! In general terms we can conclude that the 10 commandments (that we just read last week) are the expression or the attempt to create a universal order. 1,122 more words

A Chassidic Tale For Shabbat Shekalim

Wine or Water

There was once a king who was visiting a town. In preparation for the king’s visit the town decided to fill a giant barrel with wine and present it to the king upon his arrival. 262 more words


Let yourself to be vulnerable: Parashat Yitro

Torah has this great quality of being something you can read over and over again, yet every year you find how your reading changes as your own life-story develops…. 703 more words
Weekly Torah Portion

Criticism & Citizen Participation : Parashat Yitro

Meeting With Non – Jews Strengthens Judaism

“Only after Moses listens to his father in law and absorbs his feedback and criticism, de-centralization is established, and the People of Israel can make the step that enabled them to grow and come to their constitutive event as a nation – the receiving of the 10 commandments at Mt. 1,287 more words