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What Does God Want of Us?

Last week, the Torah portion included the Shema, the statement that is so central to Judaism, an injunction to pay attention: “Shema Yisrael… 586 more words


Foundations: The Weekly Torah Portion - Parashat ha-Shavua (פָּרָשַׁת הַשָּׁבוּעַ)

Shalom everyone! The Weekly Torah Portion or “Parashat ha-Shavua,” “parashah,” or “parsha,” is a section of the Torah that is read publicly and aloud each week in during… 984 more words


"Say it again!" -- Parsha Va'Etchanan

Last week my email started acting strangely. I didn’t know it at first, but my outgoing emails weren’t going anywhere…except into the ether. It took a few days for me to realize that people weren’t hearing from me. 540 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

Words, Reality, & Truth - D'varim

This week’s Torah portion, the opening of the book of Deuteronomy, begins with the words ayleh d’varim, “these are the words that Moses spoke to all of Israel on this side of the Jordan in the wilderness…” 384 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

The Mark of a True Leader

A good leader makes leadership look easy, but it seldom is. The road is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Conflicts arise and the solution is rarely simple, nor are all of the involved parties always happy with the outcome. 404 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

The Red Heifer - A Ritual with Heart

I once worked with a bar mitzvah student who was thrilled to learn that even the 11th century commentator Rashi didn’t understand the meaning of the ritual of the red heifer. 533 more words

Weekly Torah Portion

What is the Truth?

          Back in 2011, an article appeared on the web about South Korean school children studying the Talmud. The South Korean ambassador to Israel was quoted as saying, “Jews have a high percentage of Nobel laureates. 725 more words

Weekly Torah Portion