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Celebrating Life With All Your Being: Parashat Tzav

Parashat Tzav relates a detailed description of the different kinds of offers and some of the specific ceremonial aspects related to the beginning of the “work” of the priests (Kohanim). 612 more words

Vayikra: And God called

The first word of Vayikra means, “And called him…” The context of this call is God calling to Moshe from inside the just constructed Mishkan/Tabernacle, right after God’s Kavod/Glorious Presence fills the entire structure, keeping Moshe out. 327 more words


Keep in Touch! Parashat Vayikra

And God observed the people of Israel and He read their hearts. He understood that they didn’t know how to communicate with Him. So he called them and said: 946 more words


A call to Activism: Parashat Pekudei

(this portion belongs to last week’s reading, my apologies for the late publishing)

During the last parashot the Torah has been talking about the Mishkan (Tabernacle) building. 468 more words


Healthy Time Management: Parashat V'ykahel

(This portion belongs to last week’s reading, my apologies for the late publishing) 765 more words


Vayikra: The Book of Life

If you were asked to re-organize the Books of the Torah, and to put the most important one in the center, I wonder which book each of us might choose out of the five. 673 more words


My Diet and My Golden Calf

Anxious? Let’s get some Calories!

And here we are! In the middle of the desert, no too much water, no too much food , it is hot and of course hard! 385 more words