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The fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy

Usually Saturday’s post is ‘reserved’ for the strong connection between the ‘Parasha’ (weekly Torah portion) and the ‘Haftarah’ (weekly Prophet’s portion).

This week something that is beyond incredible can be found in the ‘Haftarah’Only two days ago, we celebrated Israel’s Independence Day. 250 more words

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'After the death of the holy ones'

Tomorrow’s “parashot” (weekly Torah PORTIONS) are “Acharei Mot” (‘after the death’) and “Kedoshim” (‘holy ones’) – which are the sixth and seventh “parashot” in the Book of Leviticus and are found in Leviticus 16:1-20:27. 182 more words

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Symptoms of the 'spiritual disease'

A couple of days ago, we discussed the spiritual nature of biblical leprosy (‘Tzara’at’ in the original Hebrew). According to the Jewish tradition, this disease is a result of three specific sins: … 207 more words

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The 'Spiritual Disease'

“When a man is afflicted with a leprous disease, he shall be brought to the priest.” (Leviticus 13:9)
The word ‘afflicted’ appears in the original Hebrew as ‘Nega’ which comes from the Hebrew root N-G-A that means ‘touch.’ 277 more words

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What is Tzara'at?

Tomorrow’s “parashot” (weekly Torah PORTIONS) are “Tazria” (‘she conceives ‘) and “Metzora” (‘LEPERS’) – which are the fourth and fifth “parashot” in the Book of Leviticus and are found in Leviticus 12:1-15:33. 311 more words

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Death, Birth & The Secret Of Life: Impurity! Tazria- Metzorah

Yeshayahu Leibowitz explains that the reason to couple the Torah portions of Tazri’a and Metzora (Leviticus 12:1-15:33) in the Jewish communal reading of the Torah is that they both deal with biology of Man, with the biological filth of human existence. 1,028 more words


The Girl With X-Ray Eyes

Every animal that has a split hoof… and chews its cud you may eat (Vayikra 11:3).

Natasha Demkina has x-ray vision. At least, that’s what the twenty-one year old Russian woman claims. 157 more words

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