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Weekly Travel Theme: Decadent

Here is my entry for Weekly Travel Theme: Decadent. I consider being able to not only witness Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez’s last game as a Yankee (player) firsthand, but also seeing the storm that occurred at the beginning of the game turn into a gorgeous rainbow AND witness the Yankees win (all during my very first time at Yankees Stadium) to be decadence. 37 more words


Weekly Travel Theme: Precious

Here is my entry for this week’s edition of Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme: Precious. These two pictures, of a garden (representing nature) and a duck (representing animals) are two things very precious to me.


Weekly Travel Theme: Grassy

Here is my entry for this week’s edition of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Grassy. Hope you like them!


Rain, Rain, more Rain

Ailsa’s travel theme: rain.   Please click on any image for a better view.

On Ponte Vecchio in Florence

St. Petersburg, Russia


And, lastly, in my own back yard.


Rainy Day in Devon

Copyright Debbie Smyth, 24 May 2017

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Weekly Travel Theme

Travel Theme: Garden

I do like to find my eyes being led in a garden:

Leading to the hills, Burrow Farm Garden

Leading to a statue, Burrow Farm Garden… 12 more words

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