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Sailing by Numbers

Tomorrow (2016-06-05) I fly to Fiji to join voyage 461 of the tall ship Tenacious (which starts on 2016-06-08). It will be voyage… 253 more words


Travel theme: Plants

It occurred to me recently that many of my travels have involved, at some point or another, close up encounters with plants, from giant redwoods… 230 more words


Travel theme: Neutral

While bright colours are great at attracting attention, gentle neutrals allow the eye to linger over details. I had a look through my photos for shots that contained predominantly neutral colours and was surprised to find quite a few, like this Hogwarts-worthy photo of rooftops in Edinburgh… 288 more words


Travel theme: Camping

Now I’ve done my fair share of camping, with, ummm, mixed results, like when my sleeping bag got flooded at Mount St Helens, or the time I woke up with a… 312 more words


Travel theme: Breathe

Sometimes life rushes by so quickly I have to remind myself to just breathe. So to slow things down a little this week, here are some photos that remind me to take things easy once in a while. 262 more words


Travel theme: Friendship

I have been catching up with old friends recently and thought it might make an interesting topic for this week’s travel theme. First up, two girls catching up in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center. 158 more words


Travel theme: Poetry

Ireland celebrated National Poetry Day yesterday; and across the pond the US celebrates National Poetry Month every April. Now I love a good poem (one of my current favourites is… 621 more words