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Travel theme: Harmony

With US Independence Day up ahead, I was thinking of a related theme this week, so I was contemplating all the meanings the word ‘independent’ conveys.   339 more words


Travel theme: Exits

Yikes, what a week. With shock waves still reverberating around the world from Britain’s exit from the European Union, here’s a look at some rather less controversial exits from my travels around the planet. 234 more words


Travel theme: Stillness

It’s that time of year when I begin to get restless and start looking at new and exotic destinations to add to my list of places I must visit soon. 310 more words


Travel theme: Close

Aagh, just as I was getting ready to write this week’s travel theme, I found myself locked out of the house. As I waited for someone with another key to arrive, I stared in anguish through the window at my laptop, so close and yet so far, and this week’s theme pretty much wrote itself. 286 more words


Sailing by Numbers

Tomorrow (2016-06-05) I fly to Fiji to join voyage 461 of the tall ship Tenacious (which starts on 2016-06-08). It will be voyage… 253 more words


Travel theme: Plants

It occurred to me recently that many of my travels have involved, at some point or another, close up encounters with plants, from giant redwoods… 230 more words


Travel theme: Neutral

While bright colours are great at attracting attention, gentle neutrals allow the eye to linger over details. I had a look through my photos for shots that contained predominantly neutral colours and was surprised to find quite a few, like this Hogwarts-worthy photo of rooftops in Edinburgh… 288 more words