Mon 9/12/13: a simple ode to you stressers!

Happy Monday free spirits of the world!

My logic on today’s advice is new week = new outlook on life. In an attempt to master my stress and anxiety levels which are always astronomically high, my friend gave me the advice that I now wish to share with you fellow stresser, panic people, anxiety suffers because sharing is caring and this has helped me calm the hell down: 163 more words


Sun 8/12/12: snow should only be eaten from snow cones

Wise wordly fans, I hope you has a oh so happy Sunday!

Since we live in a land of sweltering sun and beautiful beaches we do not get to experience the snow too much unless we head to threadbo and pay millions but this is still not some of the greatest wordly snow falls. 107 more words


Sat 7/12/13: what not to do when hungover

Hello hungover homies,

This post is in dedication to the Friday night that just was and has left me in a brain dead state! I know we all wonder why we put over selves through this say were never going to drink again, we has hangovers and then BAM next weekend do the exact same! 123 more words


fri 6/12/13: READ Science is never wrong- Smarter People Have More Sex, Do More Drugs And Stay Up Later!!!!!!!!!!


I saw this article and thought this amazing fact proven through research needs to be shared with the world!!!

my advice: BE SMART!



fri 6/12/13: the BEST way to get over someone.....

Good morning all and happy hip hop happening Friday!

My Friday advice is (as much as I want it to be Rebecca blacks gotta get down on friday tune) as pop culture does give the best advice, I thought id make it a little more….well philosophical! 38 more words


Thurs 5/12/13: a thought to dwell on?

Morning intellects of the world! Today I leave you with one phrase:

every year you pass your birthday and know that you were born that day but every year you also pass your death day and have no clue……



Tues 3/12/13: weekly wardrobe woes we all face!

sup hombres, i hope this tuesday was pretty rad for ya.

Just some last minute thoughts for you too ponder on which are so true and 300% correct you cannot help but laugh: 94 more words