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Weekly Word Count #8

That time of the week again, where I’m called to tally up my week’s worth. Was I a good writer with a high word count? Or did I spend my days piddling away on Facebook? 59 more words


Weekly Word Count #7

Over half the year has passed, but I’m still trucking. Why? Because I have to. Because I live and breathe writing. Because I absorb words through my fingertips. 69 more words


Weekly Word Count #6

My, what a lovely tea party! Instead of tea-partying, I’m having a words jamboree by myself. WOO. Although, since I own a tea company, I DO have plenty of tea on hand. 97 more words


Weekly Word Count #5

Middle of the summer and I feel like I should be by the beach frolicking. Except that I’m super pale and direct sun like that will make me roast in a half hour, even with SPF 50 on. 187 more words


Weekly Word Count #4

Instead of kitten parades, I now offer you parades of flesh eating worms that glow in the dark. Or will that scare everyone away? Regardless, I’m here, I’m not queer, but if that’s your thing, rock out! 64 more words


Weekly Word Count #3

Did I do it? Did I write the thing? I know you’re holding your breath with excitement. Or, that could be because of the kitten parade that just stomped by. 76 more words


Weekly Word Count #2

And that time again–my weekly progress round up. Even if you all aren’t keeping me on task, at least this regular post will force myself to stay on target! 73 more words