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9/4/15 Friday SM training session

Team Bix will be in the house on Friday for Fallfest and is being nice enough to bring some additional equipment to hold a training session on Friday. 20 more words


NCR MARATHON TRAINING WEEK 5: It was kind of like a taper.

For the most part this week was sooooo much better than last week. Those crappy long runs sure make us appreciate the good ones. I scaled back my mileage a little bit and slowed myself down due to a 12 mile race this coming Saturday morning followed up by a 5K in the evening because I’m insane. 645 more words


Weekly Workouts 8/24 - 8/30/15

Sometimes life seems to be trucking along smoothly and things are going your way…then life hits you with a curve ball smack in the face. My younger sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer and we are still reeling from this news. 497 more words

Last Weekend of August + Weekly Workouts

Monday, Monday, Monday. Oy vey. Did you at least have a good weekend? I did! Hopefully the goodness from the weekend can spill over into this week, as I start to gear up for school (mixed feelings about that), fall, and getting into a normal routine once again (I am pretty excited about that, I’m a sucker for a routine, and that may be the most lame thing I’ve ever said). 979 more words


Week in Workouts 8/24-8/30

I started to type, “How is August over already?!” then realized that I started last week’s recap in nearly the exact same way. Clearly, I’m just too shocked about how fast this year is going by to talk about anything else. 519 more words

Week In Workouts

8/31/15 Car Squats

Car Squat Simulator set up

Car Deadlift

Reverse Lunges 3×10

Heavy Kettle Bells Swings


Weekly Workout Schedule 8/31-9/5

All workouts posted should follow after 10 minutes of mobility/stretching and a 10 minute active warmup.

Monday: Legs
Max rep squat hold, then…

Three Rounds for time: 121 more words