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Weekly Workouts (9/22-9/29)

Whooop Friday eve — anyone else lovin’ that? I totally started this post yesterday and, um, yeah. Here we are.

So, I may not be marathon training (like for real now, that’s definitely out the window and I’ve relinquished my grasp on any last lingering false half-hopes that I miiiiight be one of those miracle people who can run a marathon without training for it), but I’m not slacking on my workouts/runs despite being so.freaking.busy, so I’m calling that a success!  340 more words


Week #1 of Fall Fitness

Hi everyone!  In case you missed Wednesday’s post, I’m finally starting to get back into a weekly workout routine again.  Whenever I’m not training for a race it’s hard for me to get into a routine each week and motivate myself to get to the gym, but I’ve actually been doing good so far!   225 more words

Weekly Workouts

Workout Recap - Week of 9/5

Last week was just okay. I didn’t achieve anything remarkable and I had a couple of pretty awful workouts, but I had a couple of decent workouts as well. 498 more words


Workout recap - Week of 8/29

I’m a little behind, but here’s my workout recap for the week of August 29. This was my first full week back at the gym in 4 or 5 weeks. 814 more words


Workout Recap 8/30-9/5

4 more weeks until race day.  I’m thinking my body is going to give me trouble so I may not be getting the time I hoped for but that’s life for a runner.   638 more words


Weekly Workouts (8/25-8/31)

How is it the last day of August already?? I honestly am baffled by how quickly this summer tumbled by and as much as I love all things September (favorite weather, favorite word, favorite birthstone, less humidity, crisp fall days start happening), I am just never ready to relinquish my annual love affair with summer. 491 more words


Something New I'm Trying...

I’m trying something new this marathon training cycle, and so far I LOVE it!

Guess what it is?


I haven’t listened to music while working out since the beginning of June. 171 more words