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Week Three Wrap Up

Week three started with a very early morning L ride to Chicago airport, followed by a nearly missed flight (damn that US airport security!), and finally landing in Austin, Texas, for the start of my week in the deep south.  1,308 more words


the most relaxing summer ever? with refreshing blender drinks

It’s officially summer, I know not only because of the calendar but also my Real Simple magazine came in the mail and it says right on the cover,’the most relaxing summer.’ It sure isn’t a farming magazine. 457 more words

Weekly Wrap

Week Two Wrap Up

The week started with a flight into LA after a relaxing week in Hawai’i, a long wait at the bus station and a bus ride to Venice Beach. 1,237 more words


why we have father's day and the cheese potatoes he likes

The other day I hopped off the lawnmower which I had parked in front of the house and went off to tackle some other task. I returned to see two little kid buts, their bodies slung over the back of the seat, heads behind and bent over. 449 more words


Week One Wrap Up

I’m writing this on the plane from Hawai’i to LA at the end of day 8 of my trip. The week long visit to Hawai’i felt too short, as they always do. 1,426 more words


what I learned from a wedding cake in a note to my sister

This girl’s getting married this weekend.

That’s her back in high school when she worked with me in the bakery. Her main job on Saturdays were in the mornings, help my mentor bake bread in the back of the store while learning every word to every Jimmy Buffet song and in the afternoons, to clean up my mess from decorating cakes in the front of the store. 606 more words

Weekly Wrap

Weekly Wrap-- May 1st

What an amazing evening of presentations, information, and beautiful displays at the 8th Grade Project Night! It was wonderful to see the culmination of so many months of hard work: bringing all their research and creativity together in impressive, articulate form. 531 more words

Weekly Wrap