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Week Seven Wrap Up

I can scarcely believe it’s the end of another week! For the last few weeks in fact time has absolutely flown. Despite the fact that these weeks have had a somewhat slower pace in terms of moving around they have been some of the most fun I’ve had so far. 1,584 more words


Week Six Wrap Up

Week six, and my French-filled week in Canada, are complete. I’ve hit my stride as a traveller in the last couple of weeks, passing a few milestones, recovering from a three-week long virus, and crossing the invisible line between holiday and long-term travel.  1,128 more words

North America

Weekly wrap - What a week!

So I have been a bit MIA lately which has not been the plan – I have been quite busy lately so quite buggered by night time which is when I can blog. 513 more words

Op Shop

Week Five Wrap Up

This post marks the end of another eventful week, the passing of the one month mark of my trip, and the first full week I’ve spent anywhere since Hawai’i back at the very beginning. 1,232 more words


Week Four Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe that four weeks have already passed by in such a short space of time. Days pass at a different rate for me at this point in my travels (which also helps to explain why this post is late…sorry!). 929 more words


Week Three Wrap Up

Week three started with a very early morning L ride to Chicago airport, followed by a nearly missed flight (damn that US airport security!), and finally landing in Austin, Texas, for the start of my week in the deep south.  1,308 more words


the most relaxing summer ever? with refreshing blender drinks

It’s officially summer, I know not only because of the calendar but also my Real Simple magazine came in the mail and it says right on the cover,’the most relaxing summer.’ It sure isn’t a farming magazine. 457 more words

Weekly Wrap