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weeknotes 02/2020

I started working as Community Worker at Guildford United Reformed Church in the middle of last November.  It was fun trying to find my feet working in a church for the first time in the weeks running up to Christmas.  521 more words


2020 weeknote 2 - back to work

The first proper ‘work week’ of 2020, and quite a landmark as we said goodbye to our manager who is destined for pastures (or estates) new. 349 more words



Man down.

October did me in. Totally. I’ve been pushing myself a bit hard as I try to find a balance in my (not so) new role and it has lead me down a path I promised myself I wouldn’t go down again. 814 more words



Well that was a month. It has been a few years since I have been quite so overwhelmingly busy in a single period. I mean like Marlo said that “sounds like one of them good problems” but there is no doubt it has taken its toll. 914 more words


2019.30 Making my hand as famous as Rob's legs...

The third LOTI workshop

One of the great things emerging from #LOTI is an extended network of folk across London local government thinking and talking about the same stuff… 493 more words



Month two of being a ‘CEO’. I’m still not sure I really know what that means given really we are a lean early stage start-up and I’m…well…me. 941 more words


2019.29 Scrutinising, welcoming and listening


On Monday evening I attended our Resources and Corporate Scrutiny committee which considered a number of items, including our ‘connectivity journey’ in Camden. The journey started in 2015 and the most recent London connectivity data shows how successful the programme has been with Camden benefitting from above average super- and ultra-fast broadband. 475 more words