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Kyle Basa

Back in high school, I collected Garbage Pail Kids cards. GPK cards had gross pictures of not-cute monstrous Cabbage Patch-style kids with rhyming or alliterative or corny joke names. 169 more words

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En Fuego

When I started blogging again, I didn’t want it to all be me harping and being negative, but don’t we always have the best of intentions? 279 more words

Old Fashioned Indoor Weenie Roast

What better to go with an Old Fashioned than an old-fashioned weenie roast? This creation, which reached its apex in the mid ‘fifties, fell into low repute as fondue cookery caught on and upstaged it; but recently, as more and more apartment dwellers yearn for the pleasures of outdoor living, the humble indoor weenie roast is coming back into its own. 150 more words

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