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Oh, this just sucks!



Why did it take me so long to get into those little funko pop characters? I blame alllllll you other book bloggers for getting me interested in them. 90 more words

Random Crap I Like

Review: Doctor Who Lego Ideas Set (No 21304)

I have a few Lego sets, I just find them so relaxing and fun to build and take apart, but I think this is the only one I have that’s actually a current one and I wanted to do a post on it. 2,024 more words


A Whovian Lightcatcher

Hi, Happy New Year every onel!

I’m starting off with a look back at a highly secret project that took a chunk of my creative time last November – December. 367 more words

Creations From My Craft Room

Sunday Punday: Nerdy Pickup Lines that made me snicker.

…and this one’s just because I’m a jerk.

Not mine. Didn’t make them. Credited where I found them. 17 more words

Sunday Punday

Sleep Little Angel

Sleep little angel, sleep
Best get some rest
Let go of day’s stress
Be silent, be at ease
Sleep little, angel sleep

Sleep little angel, sleep… 26 more words


We Inadvertently Started Christmas Preparations and I'm Totally Fine With That

Discounts and a plan for a Doctor Who themed Christmas tree came to a head today. November One. One day after Halloween. I never wanted to be “those people”, but now it is time to face that truth. 175 more words


Doctor Who weeping angel costume (kinda)

My daughter decided to dress up as an angel for Halloween, and being a big Doctor Who fan (both old and new), I gave her some vampire teeth and had her pose as one of the weeping angels (one of the more creepy aliens from the show).

Doctor Who