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A Paradox of Angels

The first minute or so of ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ is good noir fun. The last 5 or so are sweet, touching, beautifully acted, hopeful, and sad. 326 more words

Doctor Who

Where are my "Whovians" at?!

I fell. Deeply and madly in love. So hard it hurts. We’ve all been there I’m sure. And if you haven’t, you have so much to look forward to… 117 more words


Weeping Angel update

A very special hello from Seawitch Tales  at http://www.pennygarthcafe.co.uk/live/ at  on the occasion of my half century birthday! For Dr Who fans I’m sorry I can’t show the full show as it’s not in proper format yet – a taster is below :)

Seawitch Diary

Doctor Who Dream #1 - The Day I Met a Weeping Angel

They say when you think about something a lot, you dream about it. Being the crazy Whovian that I am, I have whodreams quite often. This one has to do with the most feared aliens of all (in my opinion)… … 217 more words

Doctor Who