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Memoirs of a Gay Teenage Virgin (entry three)

Read entry two here.

Before I realized and accepted i was gay, I was quite homophobic. I remember when I was little, around 9 or 10 we had this gate-man, his name was Sule. 551 more words


Memoirs of a Gay Teenage Virgin (entry two)

Read entry one here.

I really don’t understand the logic behind people thinking that it’s a choice to be gay, if it was, that would mean that gay people are all Masochists who derive pleasure from the worst form of pain; unrequited love (I’m probably exaggerating, but sometimes, it does seem like it is doesn’t it?). 883 more words


Funko Pop Doctor Who Vinyl Figures

How on Earth am I going to choose from this awesome range of Funko Pop Doctor Who figures??? Arrrgghhh!!

‘I love the look of the 4th Doctor one with his famous scarf, but the Dalek and Cyberman look fantastic too.

66 more words

Memoirs of a Gay Teenage Virgin (entry one)

I first realized I was gay in my third year in secondary school, I had just started at a new school due to a certain illness I suffered at that time which led to me having to be withdrawn from my old school which was a boarding school to become a day student at a new school. 708 more words



After a massive re-watch of the series from the last 10 years in which Amy and Rory appear, I began to think Rory doesn’t get anywhere near as much credit as he deserves. 210 more words

Doctor Who

Sci Fi Paintings - Summer 2015

Another batch of science fiction illustrations are about to hit the interwebs.

Stephen Moffat’s ‘Blink’ episode was one of the greatest Doctor Who stories of all time. 80 more words


Cemetery at Night

Another recent commission.

There’s also a weeping angel, just because.  So, don’t blink.