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Sleep Little Angel

Sleep little angel, sleep
Best get some rest
Let go of day’s stress
Be silent, be at ease
Sleep little, angel sleep

Sleep little angel, sleep… 26 more words


We Inadvertently Started Christmas Preparations and I'm Totally Fine With That

Discounts and a plan for a Doctor Who themed Christmas tree came to a head today. November One. One day after Halloween. I never wanted to be “those people”, but now it is time to face that truth. 175 more words


Doctor Who weeping angel costume (kinda)

My daughter decided to dress up as an angel for Halloween, and being a big Doctor Who fan (both old and new), I gave her some vampire teeth and had her pose as one of the weeping angels (one of the more creepy aliens from the show).

Doctor Who

Weeping Angel

My life ramped up the busy and the stress in the past few weeks, and I haven’t gotten here as often as I wanted. Hoping to have a little spare time soon! 166 more words


Do-we-oooo, we made it to see Doctor Who!

I have lived in Wales for two months now, and it took me that long to venture to the Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff.

But no matter, I made it! 313 more words

Weeping Angel

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY


T-shirt of the Week: Doctor Who - Don't Blink!

Weeping Angels are as old as the universe but no one really knows where they come from. They’re the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form ever produced. 21 more words