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A very big thank you….

Thank you to everyone of came along to my afternoon studio viewing of ‘the secrets we keep from ourselves’, despite the wet and windy weather. 69 more words


October Wrap-up

Sorry, I wasn’t able to weave any towels in October simply because the end of September and all of October were extremely busy for me, but all in a good way.  722 more words


Warp: the throw, or cast, of cloth, or a net; any object that bends around this energy is said to warp, including the warp of a weave or the shifts in space time in the thrall of gravity. 81 more words


Weaving colour #1

Colour is important in weaving, because when you cross warp with weft, you start mixing colours.

The effect isn’t like mixing paint, of course, because you are creating separate dots/lines of warp and weft that sit next to each other, rather than blending. 245 more words

Understanding Weaving

Joining #2

Of the various joining methods for introducing new yarn, the one I guess that is most usual is to just overlap the ends a bit on the next pick of weft. 141 more words

Understanding Weaving

and onto next phase….

Gone as far as we can go in this state, next step is to install you in a space and let you expand….

details about studio viewing of ‘the secrets we keep from ourselves…’ to follow shortly…. watch this space!


nylon thread replacement is....

what i want to move away from (is you) is relying on the nylon thread to pull up seams, necklines, shoulder edges, waist bands, bust bows, hem frills…can warp lace trims and fake seam (bodily) extensions be used instead of nylon thread…