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Girasol Zenith

Tonight I’m giving a shout out to one of my Girasol’s. Fairly recently I purchased this stunning wrap from a lovely mumma. Beautifully broken in and soft enough for my now 9wk old daughter. 186 more words


Weaving patterns #2 - a different way with weft

One of the very first things I saw online when I started my massive weaving research bender, was “captured weft”. I think I fell in love with it right then! 112 more words


Draw-in and selvedges

It seems to be a common cry of the new weaver “I get tidy selvedges and a lot of draw-in, or I get messy selvedges and little draw-in!”. 408 more words

Understanding Weaving

bit like the emperor’s new clothes……

Since February this year, 2015; been spending long, endless, still hours re-weaving/stitching /adjusting making sure you are lasting and secure for your new home….. it ‘seams’ that this labour does not show, been feeling like I’m pretending to do some work ! 7 more words


How Computer Programming is similar to Textile Design

“Why do you like textiles so much?” I asked Manjusha.  She was captivated by a black sari with pink diamond shaped embroidery; running her fingers up and down the pattern. 1,268 more words


Jabots and my old machine-made lace high-neck dress (almost vintage)

(my) lace, high- neck dress, size 10, 1980’s St. Michaels; marks & spencer, the skirt of this could be wefted maybe . . .extending white lace warp on ‘shoulders’ to follow through with seams of lace high-neck dress…… evokes the Nottingham Jabots I studied in Nottingham museum’s lace collections, male and female frills to cover, to hide the closure of a shirt, dress or blouse…. 17 more words


Actually weaving

So, your loom is set up and you’re ready to go. Now what?

The first thing you do is to open a shed so you can pop some scrap yarn in as weft, and then an alternate shed so you can do another pick of scrap yarn. 333 more words

Understanding Weaving