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Mending: Tedious but Necessary

So far 2016 is off to a great (sarcastic) start! My hands have been resisting knitting. The pinky that broke last Fall is still acting up. 986 more words


Clay Loom Weavings, 5th grade

Check out these stunning clay loom weavings! I was out on Friday but left one of my 5th grade classes to finish their weavings. I just loved coming back to these colorful creations.      360 more words

Art Education


Throw: to warp, twist, bind and cast so that it reappears in the distance; a form of projection of the self across space learned from the art of weaving; a feminine word first used with pride then twisted, in the sense of “throwing” an opponent or being “thrown off one’s feet,” into a dismissal of males using female energy. 29 more words


Weaving novice

This time last year, I got excited about weaving. I’m a novice, I’d bought a rigid heddle loom and done the project in the instruction book but I was inspired by what I’d read in magazines and seen on the web including things like the Saori approach. 151 more words

Pirn winder

This is the machine used to wind the weft for the loom. You can wind three pirns at a time.

It’s an amazing machine which quickly and efficiently loads the pirns but is so simple in its design. 127 more words

ik 280 for December 2015 wp

ik 280

will wantings –
wishing for weightlessness;
waxing, waning – weaving willful


Inspired by: Work is love made visible. 154 more words


The Life Creative: an artisan's studio

I was privileged to visit the studio of a friend who has marvellous creative abilities for a variety of mediums, including tapestry – but not just your store-bought variety of tapestry, she very cleverly creates the whole, from stringing the  68 more words