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the secrets we keep from ourselves....

… how to stabilize and where to start with you… I guess the re-tensioning of multi sectioned lace trim warps of…. dark grey first… choices to be made; what to lose, keep hidden and show? 17 more words


In Poplin


satin smooth for sheets to slide on

silk for lingerie

delicates that catch attention

housed in chiffonier

chiffon wraps, georgette gowns,

lustring won’t wear well, 26 more words


How a loom helps us weave

Here is a picture of a loom:

Yes, it’s a matchbox.

This was the very first type of loom I ever used, because when you work with… 284 more words


Of warp and weft

As someone who sews, I came to weaving already knowing some basics about the structure of cloth. I knew it had selvedges (the neat edges of the cloth) and that the… 121 more words


Weave, weave & more weave!

Sewing machines to weft hair? We all at some point may ask ourselves or others how do they put strands of hair together to bundle such beautiful hair? 344 more words


How Many Bundles for a Sew-In?

The Age Old Question! 2? 3? 4 Bundles?

There is nothing worse than sitting in a chair for hours after getting you hair washed, braided and… 398 more words


Weaving Basics

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve had several readers say they are not yet familiar with weaving terminology or they don’t really know anything about it. 965 more words