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By: Jonathan Beers

Our society is fixated on measurements – from our department stores, to our schools, and perhaps most importantly, to our doctors’ visits. When it comes to our health, we worry over our height, our weight, our BMI and our blood pressure, our cholesterol levels and our diets, how much fat we eat and how much exercise we get. 1,471 more words

Weight Bias

Weight bias is quite possibly one of the last areas of socially acceptable discrimination. It can affect nearly aspect of life from employment and education to healthcare. 773 more words


Weight of Sadness

I wish I was able to say my body and weight don’t bother me. I wish I could live my life in a magical world where people don’t judge and where we aren’t told fat people are bad. 1,081 more words

Shedding Light on Weight Bias

Quick.  What comes to mind when you think of a person who is overweight or obese?  What characteristics or qualities do they possess?

Researchers have found that when people are asked these questions they generally respond with a laundry list of undesirable traits.  872 more words


Why do we care how much Trump weighs?

I know that we all want to clutch onto every piece of evidence we find that Trump is a despicable human, hold them close, let them keep us warm at night, and build bomb shelters from them. 205 more words

How to change the conversation about obesity: 'It's not a lifestyle choice'

It’s something we hear frequently from the media, health-care professionals, and public policy decision-makers: eating healthy and exercise are the keys to staying fit and staving off obesity. 650 more words


The last socially acceptable prejudice

If anyone else wants to tell me that weight discrimination is not a serious thing, I dare them to become anorexic.  And as they are getting sicker and sicker, hear the compliments they get about their appearance start to flow in, and when they are at the point where they are so sick that they can no longer walk without assistance because their knees keep on buckling, to hear the compliments at their thickest and fastest. 392 more words