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Spreading the word about Weight Bias & Diabetes

It’s been a busy month.  Between my nutrition counselling, writing articles, editing a magazine and a big Ultimate Frisbee tourney it feels like I’ve hardly had time to breathe. 511 more words

The conversation that broke my heart

I hear a lot of stories that break my heart in the conversations I have with clients. The conversations people have around food can be a surprisingly vulnerable place. 731 more words


Body Image 101

Love yourself.

It’s so easy to say, isn’t it? Living by the words, though, isn’t so simple. It’s difficult. But it’s important.

Our body image is influenced by many, many factors, both internal and external. 613 more words


Study: Images Of Food On Social Media Thought To Be Less Healthy When Posted By Overweight People

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta)– Images of food uploaded to social media by overweight or obese individuals are thought to be less healthy when compared to images uploaded by thin people, according to a new study. 342 more words


"Dear Fat People": A Response

This post is in response to Nicole Arbour’s now infamous video “Dear Fat People”.

For the record, I’m not calling for an all-out censorship on comedians or jokes. 1,619 more words

Non-Comic Book Daily

Ugh... more 'Fat Shaming'

‘Fat Shaming’ hit the news again this week.  For those of you who may have missed it, a YouTube comedian named Nicole Arbour put up a video entitled “Dear Fat People”, where among other things she argues that fat shaming is not a “real thing”, makes numerous derogatory assumptions about people who are obese and tells a story of her encounter with a “fat family” at the airport, all while claiming she is only saying all this out of a desire to help. 329 more words