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Self-Blame Does You No Good When Your Trying to Get to A Healthy Weight

Individuals with obesity are stigmatized. They face constant discrimination and unsolicited advice.  We carry many negative and prejudicial beliefs that we often don’t notice when it comes to weight and health. 585 more words

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Just Look at the Size of Him!

Weight Bias & Stigma

Have you ever noticed whenever there is media coverage on the topic of obesity, they always show obese people from the neck down?  1,389 more words


More Than "Bedside Manner": How Your Doctor Influences Your Health...or Not

Do you dread your yearly visit to the doctor? An acquaintance of mine recently shared how frustrated she gets with her physician. Her blood pressure is great, her labs are fine, she has energy galore and a healthy lifestyle, yet, the doctor insists on focusing on weight. 1,013 more words

Skinny people should eat alone

Last week Cornell Food Lab tweeted the above and I was all like <insert facepalm gif here>.

I think that the research the Cornell Food Lab does is fascinating. 370 more words

Two New Publications by Team ABC3 Members

Two recently published papers highlighted on Geoff Ball‘s (Team ABC3 Project Leader) blog, Childhood Obesity Research Insight, address different areas of childhood obesity research that to date have been under examined.  71 more words

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Delusions of Slender: Why "Skinny Shaming" Isn't Real

Skinny Bitch.

I heard that most of my life. It’s called “skinny shaming.”

As part of the body positive movement, thin people, primarily women, are speaking out against being marginalized. 1,014 more words


Combating Weight Bias in the Media?

Visual images influence public attitudes and shape understanding of issues, often more powerfully than verbal or textual content. Images used to accompany online or print news stories frequently depict people with obesity or overweight from a stereotyped viewpoint – often inactive or consuming unhealthy food or focusing on lower bodies, excluding heads from the frame. 103 more words

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