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Weighty Assumptions

“All of us struggle with our weight . . . well . . . all except one.”

This was said, with a pointed look toward me, by a nurse whose pre-bariatric surgery class I was observing as part of an internship rotation. 276 more words

Belated Essentials Class Notes; Weight Bias Online Open Course on Canvas

I don’t think I posted notes the last time I went to class, back before Spring Break and the Week of the Plague (we were both sick last week; fortunately, I was spared the fate of a follow-on bronchitis, unlike Denis). 888 more words


New study says weight stigma signficantly reduces Quality of Life--and water is wet.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am deeply glad that they are studying the negative effects of weight stigma.  But I am wondering when this will finally be considered obvious.  638 more words

Calgary conference tackles Alberta’s weight bias

CALGARY – The Canadian Obesity Network estimates six million Canadians are currently classified as obese. Excess weight has been linked to health problems like diabetes and heart disease, but it also puts people at a greater risk of experiencing “weight bias.” 241 more words


Being Healthy is a Lifestyle

and Not a Body Size

The first thing one sees when walking into the office of Patti Watkins, PhD, in Reed Hall at Oregon State University, is a room filled with art and pictures that represent an active lifestyle. 3,202 more words

BMI Validity

Leonard Nimoy, Weight Bias, and The Full Body Project

Maybe it’s the inner geek in me who grew up with a crush on Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, or maybe it is because, as a child, his voice would introduce the spectacular movies at the Boston Museum of Science’s OMNI theater, but I was sad to hear of the death of Leonard Nimoy.  933 more words

Eating Disorders