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Challenging Sizism: Health and Weight Don’t Always Equate

By Brandy Smith, PhD (Diversity Coordinator and Interim Training Coordinator at Auburn University Student Counseling Services) 

Have you or someone you know gone to the doctor and heard comments about your health without the provider ever talking about your genetics or your specific eating and physical activity habits? 919 more words


Financial Incentives for Weight Loss

One thing I try to do is watch Canadian news everyday to keep up with what’s going on back home.  A story on Global National from earlier this week caught my attention.   718 more words

Why Being Overweight has Made Me a Better Doctor

Admittedly, I am not your average doctor.  I went through a medical program heavily steeped in primary prevention, lifestyle medicine, and the mind-body connection. The irony of me being a doctor, practicing preventative and lifestyle medicine, and simultaneously being overweight has crossed my mind more than a couple times.  1,045 more words


Weight loss partly determined by individual biology

In case you were looking for more evidence that losing weight is more complicated for some people than simply eating less and moving more, an interesting study published this week from a group in the US demonstrated that the degree of weight loss followed by caloric restriction is determined by an individual’s biology1.  535 more words

Weighty Assumptions

“All of us struggle with our weight . . . well . . . all except one.”

This was said, with a pointed look toward me, by a nurse whose pre-bariatric surgery class I was observing as part of an internship rotation. 276 more words

Belated Essentials Class Notes; Weight Bias Online Open Course on Canvas

I don’t think I posted notes the last time I went to class, back before Spring Break and the Week of the Plague (we were both sick last week; fortunately, I was spared the fate of a follow-on bronchitis, unlike Denis). 888 more words


New study says weight stigma signficantly reduces Quality of Life--and water is wet.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am deeply glad that they are studying the negative effects of weight stigma.  But I am wondering when this will finally be considered obvious.  638 more words