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Eating good food to boost your mood.

I am a living example of this, give me some bads foods and your guaranteed to get me into that bad mood. The typical processed foods are great if you are wanting that bad mood each day. 208 more words


Week 16

This week was somewhat of a milestone… my little brother turned 18!


What follows is a collage of some pics from the last couple of years. 347 more words

Weight Loss

Secrets to losing weight

Get rid of processed foods, eat healthy and go to the gym. Is it that easy to lose the weight? So why is obesity on the increase. 546 more words

Nutrition Coach

Ultimate Guide to... Loving yourself !

15 things to start doing for yourself.

1, Start spending time with the right people. You know the ones, the ones that understand you, smile with you and love you. 287 more words

Nutrition Coach

Men's Health Nutrition & Weight loss

GUYS – LADS – BOYS – “Its your turn”.

This is a 1-2-1 Online Nutrition Programme.

4 weeks for change • 4 weeks to learn about Eating correctly • 4 weeks to get the energy you need • 4 weeks to look amazing for the summer. 100 more words


Week 12

Oh Lord. It’s Easter. No point in denying it or even skirting around it. Chocolate has triumphed.

I asked my mum not to get me an egg this year. 257 more words

Weight Loss

Week 11

0.5 lbs off peeps! Was surprised by it. It took so long to lose the last 2 lbs that I didn’t expect another loss (no matter how small) so soon after. 271 more words

Weight Loss