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Week 3 - Calorie Counting with My Fitness Pal

This week I am going on vacation to Traverse City, Michigan. So I knew I needed to find a plan that I had more of a chance of following when I really didn’t want to think about dieting. 255 more words

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Cookie Cake in the House (Protein Diet, Day 7)

Tuesday, July 28

So… The cookie cake and root beer were still in the house.

I was so determined to finish off strong, and I did really great sticking to the plan with my routine breakfast, snack and lunch. 66 more words

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Protein Diet Review, Week 3

Protein Diet Stats

Lbs lost: GAINED 0.2 lbs

Flexibility: Extremely restrictive, some options depending on the protein and vegetables you choose. You also get a cheat day. 394 more words

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Transformation Tuesday

Alright so what sort of weight loss blogger would I be if I didn’t use photos to document my journey?

I forgot to take pictures at the beginning (whoops) so I don’t have a real Transformation Tuesday post. 48 more words

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Over It (Protein Diet, Day 6)

Monday, July 27

So, today I was kind of over this whole restrictive diet thing. And by kind of, I mean really.

I woke up in the morning and just did not want to have anything to do with oatmeals and eggs. 348 more words

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Sleeping In (Protein Diet, Day 5)

Sunday, July 26

Well, my glorious cheat day is over and it was back to reality for today.

The breakfast was the same, except it started at 10:30. 343 more words

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CHEAT DAY!!!! (Protein Diet, Day 4)

Saturday, July 25

Today was my CHEAT DAY!!! I had never been so happy for a cheat day in my entire life! I’ve never really had a cheat day in my entire life, but still… Yay!! 639 more words

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