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Because my doctor wants me to

I don’t know why but I seem to have a hard time just saying “because I want to”.  It’s not a hard thing to say in general.   396 more words

Weight Loss

Non Weigh In Status

What is it about the numbers on a little tiny machine that rule the lives of so many women? I’m obsessed with the scale. I know it’s not good nor is it healthy. 387 more words

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I ate it and I logged it

I will tell you right now I am HORRIBLE at tracking my food.  It’s pretty much up there with having to take my daily pills.  I just despise doing it.   308 more words

Weight Loss

It's only as hard as you make it

This journey is only as hard as I make it.  

I am working hard today to keep this in my mind.  I believe most things in life and how we respond to them are mentally challenged.   1,204 more words

Weight Loss

My 30 day commitment

I have decided to make a commitment! I know I have said or thought of this in the past.  I know that I keep saying and failing to do it.   524 more words

Weight Loss

My Running Journey

My son and I are participated in the 2014 Hermes Road Race Series and placed 1st in our age groups. We take to the road again this Saturday for the first race of the season, the Chili Bowl! 18 more words


Week 17 Weigh-In

I lost 1.8 pounds this week. So that is a total weigh loss of 27.8 pounds so far. That 30 pound mark is in my sights, y’all!!! 258 more words

Sexy In Progress