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Never fear I'm still here

I know this week I have been quiet.  It was a rough week last week and this week.  This weekend we are going away with the kids to a hotel to spend some time with my sister.   271 more words

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Sunday Circuit - Daylight Savings Edition

Time to Spring Ahead!  I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for some warm weather and beach time!  Here is a full-body heart rate circuit to put some spring into your step and burn some fat. 110 more words

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Weigh in Friday

Yes, I know it’s not Friday it’s Saturday but I had a sick three old who needed all my attention on Friday so I spent that time with her instead of posting my weigh in Friday.   195 more words

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Because my doctor wants me to

I don’t know why but I seem to have a hard time just saying “because I want to”.  It’s not a hard thing to say in general.   396 more words

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Non Weigh In Status

What is it about the numbers on a little tiny machine that rule the lives of so many women? I’m obsessed with the scale. I know it’s not good nor is it healthy. 387 more words

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I ate it and I logged it

I will tell you right now I am HORRIBLE at tracking my food.  It’s pretty much up there with having to take my daily pills.  I just despise doing it.   308 more words

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It's only as hard as you make it

This journey is only as hard as I make it.  

I am working hard today to keep this in my mind.  I believe most things in life and how we respond to them are mentally challenged.   1,204 more words

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