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Vegetables Can Assist You Shed Excess Weight Easily

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a condition in which there is an imbalance of the hormones in a woman. This is a common condition found in women and the symptoms can start showing from as early as in the teens. 14 more words

My Journey to Leanness

All my life I have struggled with body image, always feeling not good enough or like I could lose some extra weight. Sometimes I felt beautiful, sometimes I didn’t but it was always the times that I was the leanest that I felt the best. 175 more words

Another before and after pic....but this one is quite important to me this week!

 I came across the photo above on the right  today on facebook, in the “on this day” section. And I was completely taken aback by the person staring back at me. 278 more words

The Journey So Far

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That Reduces Wrinkles

As we get more seasoned, our cell vitality backs off, bringing about the skin lose flexibility, immovability and brilliance. Aesthetics built up another innovation utilized as a part of the Luxury Cream which upgrades the skin cells and really helps the skin to turn and feel upward to 15 years more youthful by decreasing wrinkles. 496 more words

Anti Aging Skin Care