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November Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Time for my monthly update involving my scale and my charts and graphs and data analysis and YUP, I’M A NERD AND I LOVE THAT ABOUT MYSELF! 650 more words

October Weigh-In And Workout Progress Report

I updated my weight loss chart with the results of my monthly weigh-in:

After holding steady in September, I was down one pound! The one-pound loss is excellent, and 437 more words

June and July Weigh-Ins and Workout Progress Reports

This one falls in the ‘better late than never’ category. I weigh myself at the beginning of the month. This month’s weigh-in was delayed, because… 650 more words

May Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Usually I’ll start a post like this with my weigh-in results, but this time I’m gonna flip it around and start with my Workout Progress Report, because I hit a big milestone there: … 551 more words

Belated February Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Here’s a quick and fun update: My Facebook post about “Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian” caught the attention of the trainer featured on that show! As you may recall, my last post was 421 more words

2016 Year-End Progress Report AND the Debut of My Brand New Weight Loss Chart!!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the post I look forward to all year long. Every month I share my weigh-in results and workout progress report. But at the end of the year (or, actually, the start of the year, since this is January 4th) I take a step back, and instead of focusing on one month, I focus on the… 978 more words