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Why You Should Toss Your Scale Today

If you’re on the quest for successful fat loss, one of the best things that you could do right now, contrary to what most people believe, is chuck your scale. 481 more words


Can You Trust A Weight Loss Chart?

As you go about your weight loss program plan, one thing that you’ll want to consider is whether a weight loss chart is really the best way to measure how you’re doing with your program. 568 more words


May Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

The new month began when I was in Arizona, so my monthly weigh-in had to be pushed from the 1st of the month to the 3rd. 596 more words

April Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Seems like punishment to weigh myself on a day known for pranks and practical jokes, but I established my own weigh-in calendar, and weighing myself on the first of every month, including April 1st, is part of the deal. 581 more words

March Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

It’s already March? This year is flying by. Time to update the ol’ weight loss chart!

No loss, no gain. Maintenance is a win. I’ve had a great month – delivering stellar performances at two races (in… 589 more words

February Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

I already spilled the beans in yesterday’s post, but here it is again: DOWN FIVE POUNDS!

I’ve already written a lot about this weight loss, and while I probably repeat myself a lot, I’m not gonna do this time. 402 more words

December Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Another month, another weigh-in! Here’s the results after I got on the scale yesterday, as shown on my weight loss chart:

I stayed even. Maintaining my weight is always a win… 497 more words