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My Strange Richard Simmons Anniversary AND February Weigh-In Results

I came across a photo of me and Richard Simmons that I haven’t seen (or shared) in years.

This was taken after one of his classes at… 662 more words

My 2017 Year-End Progress Report

I look forward to this post all year! You know I share my weigh-in results and workout progress report every month. But when a new year starts, I put together a report that encompasses the whole prior year. 766 more words

December Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

This post has been delayed a few days, due to the cold that I’ve been fighting, but better late than never! (I’m feeling much better, by the way!) 610 more words

November Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

Time for my monthly update involving my scale and my charts and graphs and data analysis and YUP, I’M A NERD AND I LOVE THAT ABOUT MYSELF! 650 more words

October Weigh-In And Workout Progress Report

I updated my weight loss chart with the results of my monthly weigh-in:

After holding steady in September, I was down one pound! The one-pound loss is excellent, and 437 more words

June and July Weigh-Ins and Workout Progress Reports

This one falls in the ‘better late than never’ category. I weigh myself at the beginning of the month. This month’s weigh-in was delayed, because… 650 more words