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Week 2 Weigh In

This weeks weigh in: -3.5lb

Total so far: -9.5lb

Total until 1st target: 21lb

Total until 2nd target: 52.5lb

Total until FINAL target (estimated): 127.5lb… 387 more words

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cue cheese & crackers

An interupted day of working from home & a landlord visit. First proper day back on the laptop since 23rd December.

Proper dinner didn’t really take place today – 149 more words

Weight Loss Diary

a day in the life | the state of play

This is where I am right now. After lots of research, I’ve decided I don’t want to count calories but I do want to analyse my sugar intake and review the amount of food I’m consuming along with portion sizes. 128 more words

Weight Loss Diary

seat of motivation

I’ve started writing out my efforts to gain health and beat sugar because I needed to take some accountability for my eating habits. After watching… 108 more words

Weight Loss Diary

Non Scale Victory (part II)

I have noticed that the pants I wear (I have one pair of pants that I will wear in public right now – I used to have lots, but I have lost them as I moved too much) are far too big on me now. 308 more words

Week 1 Weigh In

This weeks weigh in: -6lb

Total so far: -6lb

Total until 1st target: 24.5lb

Total until 2nd target: 56lb

Total until FINAL target (estimated): 131lb… 390 more words

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Weigh in Thursday - week 12

Well, hello everyone (and my future self as I tend to read over my old blog posts when I am in need of inspiration).

Today, again, I had my alarm set for 8.30am and my cat woke me before 6am. 419 more words