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Today is the day

Hey readers,

I know I am like a recorder player keep coming back and discussing the same old topic. So I am really sorry if it is repetitive and boring. 330 more words


Day 10 (Friday)

So I’m still smarting at the thought of losing no weight for the past 10 days while Husband has already lost 2-3kg. As much as I am rationally aware that estrogen dominance blocks weight loss, I still feel disappointed. 223 more words

Weight Loss Diary

Days 8 and 9

Brunch for day 8 – a mug of instant coffee and…

Black fried carrot cake from the night before! Okay I know it doesn’t look extremely appetising here but it’s really good. 245 more words


Day 6

Resting heart rate is currently 102 and today’s weight is 57.6kg.

Today I am just on Garba Slim and no Duromine.

Yesterday Husband bought a HUGE pack of fried beehoon, which he very kindly thought I could have for lunch today. 509 more words


Days 4 and 5 - First Weekend on Weightloss Journey

Weekends are the trickiest for me. Catching up with friends and being lazy to prepare my food usually means unhealthy food choices and overeating.

Day 4 was a Saturday (day 4 weight = 57.3kg) and it was prearranged long ago that on this day we’d take a road trip up to Johor Bahru to have some famous bak kut teh. 473 more words


Day 3

Today’s weight registered at 57.8kg.

After waking up I took Duromine and Garba Slim.

Today’s brunch was bok choy, oyster mushrooms and an egg tofu boiled in organic white miso soup. 325 more words

Weight Loss Diary

Day 2

This morning my weight registered 57.9kg.

Nothing to be happy about yet, it could just be day-to-day fluctuations in weight.

Since I’ve decided to take Duromine on alternate days, today I am off Duromine but I did take Garba Slim. 495 more words