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Say Ahhh!

Oh wow. Apologies.
After my apologies in last week’s post about the previous week’s length, I only went and did it again. Oops, I’m just going to say, all I can do is try, but as with everything with me, doesn’t mean squat!! 1,311 more words

Weight Loss

Flats, Family & Fitness

Oh dear. Last week went long.
I am trying to shorten them down but it’s clearly not working!
I am liking the daily update rather than waiting until the end of the week to summarise, because it flows more like a diary, which is the whole point of this!! 2,636 more words

Weight Loss

Chapter III: Easy as....

1, 2, 3.
Chapter I: January was a fail.
Chapter II: February was a complete wash out.
Chapter III: March.

January was meant to be the trial month, February was meant to be the real start. 2,735 more words

Weight Loss

Lost In Amsterdam

So. I know last weeks post was a long one, I can only apologise for that.
I can’t promise it won’t happen again, I can guarantee you it no doubt will!! 1,871 more words

Weight Loss

Rinse & Repeat

As it so happens, I did look pretty much immediately after typing last week, at my result. It was showing a 2lb difference between what group had said the week prior and the results on these scales. 2,707 more words

Weight Loss

body goal diary


19/2/2018 :

  • Number on the scale : 46,1kg

Objectif : down to 44kg┬ábefore 23th birthday – then I can write that fucking article! 896 more words