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Today is Eid! After waking up at 4 in the morning to pray and cook for the joint Eid Party we have every year with my aunt’s family. 180 more words



So now I’m doing this daily at the end of day. Feels a lot more relaxed. Anyway, today was another day full of errands because tomorrow is Eid! 177 more words


Weight Loss Log (05/26-06/23)

Age and Gender: 22 F

Height: 5’3.5″

Highest Weight Ever: 225.8

Current Weight (On Last Day):

Goal Weight: Will fill in as time goes on…. 2,067 more words


June 15 2017

And like I said I really don’t have a diet today dinner was pizza from Littile Cesar and I had 3 slices and 2 garlic breads aslo Pepsi to drink because the juice they had was nothing I liked and now I have acid reflex and I’m bloated worst choice to eat but I ate that around 6 o’clock today and I took my profiles with that with the fat burners that you have to take with breakfast and lunch it take I two to take the pro bio but dinner is three pallet that you take it doesn’t tell you exactly when to take it but I chose just to take them at dinner time.

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Dinner June 14 2017

So as I start my diary with my beginning stages I also wanted to share what I eat so putting it to the test I am NOT on any special diet I eat what I like just portion myself and I don’t drink soda I have juice or water

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June 8th 2017

Ok so the last time I started a diet I was able to get to 185 I guess since then I have not been eating healthy and I only eat once a day so when I started the cleanser at the time I started to eat 3 meals a day and of course ppl now what happens when you do that besides your body using it as energy everything you gets stored as fat and it is a process before your body get use to it so I’m starting at 225 ;( NOT HAPPY lol but I am not going to give up this is my life and I want a healthy active long life PS: I will be getting a better mirror I don’t have one at home long enough so that I will be looking into so my apologies.

Weight-loss Diary

Weigh in day

Today I weighed in and was delighted to find I had lost 1.7kgs (3.7lbs) bringing my total up at 23.05kgs! (50.81lbs)

I figured I lost this much due to me cutting down on carbs. 191 more words