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Weigh in day

Today I weighed in and was delighted to find I had lost 1.7kgs (3.7lbs) bringing my total up at 23.05kgs! (50.81lbs)

I figured I lost this much due to me cutting down on carbs. 191 more words

Weight Loss Journey - The Struggle is ForReal

Guys, this is terrible. I don’t know who actually reads my stuff but I guess this is for me and my outlet to release my stress and to share my stories. 777 more words

Weight Loss Diary

Diary - 05/04/2017


Chocolate mint CWP shake – 202 kcal


Fruit bowl – 82kcal

Strawberry, kiwi and cantaloupe melon


Chicken salad – 345kcal

Romaine and apollo lettuce leaves with cucumber, feta cheese, red onion and chicken breast with lemon and thyme. 46 more words


⭐️⭐️ I lost 2lbs ⭐️⭐️

Total loss: 42lbs (3 stone)

New current weight: 194lbs (13 stone 12lbs)

I am really proud to have lost two pounds this week considering that I changed up my diet plan a few day’s ago. 27 more words

Diary - 02/04/2017  

9.00am – Cappuccino CWP shake
I made this mornings shake with a shot of coffee and crushed ice! ☕️❄️

1.00pm – Toffee chewy CWP bar… 81 more words

Diary - 28/03/2017

I am currently on Step 1 (otherwise known as sole source) of the Cambridge weight plan. This means that I have three CWP products a day and nothing else, just tons of water and herbal tea! 343 more words

Post Workout Selfies

Post workout selfies – yeah everyone makes fun of them. I’ve even gotten some weird comments about my videos.

I mean if you don’t workout – think about it. 273 more words

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