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Diary - 28/03/2017 (day 14)

CWP day 14

I am currently on Step 1 (otherwise known as sole source) of the Cambridge weight plan. This means that I have three CWP products a day and nothing else, just tons of water and herbal tea! 343 more words

紐約的減肥日記第一天-不要再3分鐘熱度! (還有自我介紹!)

自我介紹    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ



Post Workout Selfies

Post workout selfies – yeah everyone makes fun of them. I’ve even gotten some weird comments about my videos.

I mean if you don’t workout – think about it. 273 more words

Weight Loss

The saga continues...

sounds so dramatic right? The saga continues….next on the Jess Torres show.

Anyways, so if you’ve been following you know that Shakeology started giving me the runs. 183 more words

Weight Loss

Week something weigh in. 19? I forget

I am not sure what week I am up to (without looking it up and I really can’t be bothered right now) but I think it is 19. 117 more words

Today is the day

Hey readers,

I know I am like a recorder player keep coming back and discussing the same old topic. So I am really sorry if it is repetitive and boring. 330 more words


Weigh In 2 - '3rd Feb 17'

I wont lie – this week has been absolute rubbish! Ive had a cold and a really bad ear infection so have been given antibiotics which has really messed with my appetite so healthy eating has gone out the window this week. 24 more words

Weight Loss Diary