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We’ve all been there: Staring at the cookies and knowing we should eat the yoghurt in the refrigerator instead. They’re the same number of calories, so what’s the difference, right? 563 more words


Dill Leaf - The Winter Green

Dill is a green leaf that is known for its health benefits. It is available easily in Indian, American and other markets too. The other names include Sabbasige soppu /Chatakuppa/ Soa-Kura  and Soa… 307 more words


10 Best everyday foods for weight loss.

Here we are in January, and all I can hear around me :”I need to lose weight, eaten too much in December”. By the way, that is also myself included. 2,468 more words


Realisation of my weight came as a shock!

This was exactly how I felt the moment I woke up and looked in the mirror, Funny but true.

As a teenager I always remember me and my childhood mates were always the ones to try every dieting trick you could think of, watching my mother and my aunts eating grapefruit for breakfast expecting miracles to lose weight along with week in week out on a different diet before weight watchers, its all I knew as a kid. 776 more words

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Foods To Avoid When Loosing Weight 

Are you one of those people that see little or no change when loosing weight? Are you the skinny fat person(e:g slim yet with big tummy)? 378 more words

How To Loose Weight

11 Food That Help in Weight Loss

Exercises and workouts ain’t the only thing you have to do to loose weight, your diet also plays an important role. Maintaining a healthy diet with the right food and proportion, your journey to weight loss is gonna be a smooth one. 310 more words


9 Days Navratri Diet Plan with Weight Loss Tips

Navratri is a festival celebrated across India, to worship supreme hindu goddess devi Parvati. It is celebrated for 9 days in different styles. Various cultural and traditional activities, delicious delicacies are the best parts of celebration. 480 more words

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