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The Hateful Purge

I hate shopping in the big and tall section.

I hate sitting down taking pictures.

I hate standing sideways in pictures.

I hate the fact that I can’t take a picture at any time without cropping to show my just my face. 185 more words


Everybody Poops. . . Especially on a run!

Everybody Poops. ..  Yes this I know my mom is a nurse and I worked as a CNA throughout college I am well aware of all things poop. 249 more words


Meal Prep and Workouts for the Week

“Back to liiiiife… Back to reality..” Welp! I’m fresh from an amazing weekend with my homegirls. I must admit, the menu was far from clean and healthy! 220 more words

Weight Loss

"Fitness First" A Spotlight on Annamarie's Weight Loss Success.

A picture. A comment. Feelings of embarrassment. The one thing that each of these categories have in common? They are usually the beginning to the end of an unhealthy lifestyle. 1,254 more words

Weight Loss Journey

What am I really fighting for...

The last few weeks have been very challenging for me. Stresses have mounted, the schedule is getting busy, and quite frankly even though I feel like I’m eating well and have started going for walks/jogs the weight isn’t shifting (and some weeks has even gone up). 466 more words

Weight Loss Journey

"Expectation Vs. Reality" by Bonita G.

For years I thought I was full breasted. I was always a bit above the average cup size, even at an average weight. And as I gained weight, my cup ranneth over. 914 more words

Weight Loss