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Weigh in Tuesday- Week 33 2015

When  reality hits back….
This picture has been taken last weekend. My hart broke little when i saw it at the end of the day… It was a great day though, I enjoyed being  on the eiland with my family and relatives. 194 more words
Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to my journey, won't you come along with me?

Hello All! Welcome to my page, come along with me as I take this surgery journey from almost start to finish. In the next post I’ll tell you more about me and where I am in this process. 126 more words

Gastric Bypass

7 days to go... One Step forward, two steps back

It’s been a week since my last “work out” and although my skin is itching to get my booty moving I can’t exercise until tomorrow. 264 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Weigh in Tuesday- week 29 2015

HI Frenchies!
A week has passed by and it’s Weigh in Tuesday.
So first, the stats for this week:

Yes, you read it wel, I’ve lost over my goal of 1 kg/week!!
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Weight Watchers

15 days to go... Down but not out

Do you know that Donnie McClurkin song We fall down but we get up? No… You don’t? Ok, don’t worry, Have a listen here. 

I am currently listening to that song while sitting at my desk at the office trying to get some critical but extremely late work out before I head home. 248 more words

Weight Loss Journey

All About the Trail. . . No Treadmill . . .( Lessons from Running in the Park)

0) It is AWKWARD! . . At first. . . you are going out where other people can see you, putting on your running shoes and trying to run.. 813 more words


19 days to go

I feel like throwing a party! Who’s with me? No? Nobody? …Ok, I’ll just do it myself then.

Only 19 days to go to complete this 30 day challenge and after surviving so far I’m even having a little fun with it. 122 more words

Weight Loss Journey