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Groovy Food Adventures!

So we made a month! 32 days to be exact and I have updates galore.

The insides are healed up; I’ve solved to BM situation and I yet to experience an urge to vomit. 619 more words


He Shoots, He Scores!

So I went to lunch this afternoon and deviated from the original plan. Mind you, just a few hours ago I noted that I was going to eat my avocado and a boiled egg for lunch. 220 more words


All Right Stop! Taco Time!

Welcome to the start of week 4, ladies and gentlemen!

Today is day 22, down 36 pounds and as predicted, the first plateau of the process. 476 more words


Dreams of Tapas and Raw Meats

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I did however get woken up by a welcome bodily function. I swear I heard the angels singing “Hallelujah!” from the heavens at 2:14am… for it finally came. 905 more words


Shower Day!

Today is day 3, post operation: Shower Day.

I haven’t taken a good shower since 5am on surgery day, per doctor’s orders. I don’t think smell bad but I FEEL like stale urine and bed sweat. 194 more words


The Hateful Purge

I hate shopping in the big and tall section.

I hate sitting down taking pictures.

I hate standing sideways in pictures.

I hate the fact that I can’t take a picture at any time without cropping to show my just my face. 185 more words


Everybody Poops. . . Especially on a run!

Everybody Poops. ..  Yes this I know my mom is a nurse and I worked as a CNA throughout college I am well aware of all things poop. 249 more words