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Weight is just a Number

This is a story of a conscientious lady who worked incredibly hard by going to the gym regularly. She did cardio workouts every morning. She swore by denying carbohydrates at all times. 578 more words


Damn You, Plateaus.

I hit quite the plateau in my weight loss. For 3 solid months, I was kicking some serious butt in my weight loss journey. I had managed to drop 23 pounds in that time frame and develop some healthy habits. 788 more words


Taking stock and recommitment

I haven’t been doing so well here lately.  I plateaued, let myself get discouraged and off track, put back on a couple of pound and have been yo-yoing between 202 and 205 for over a month now.   624 more words

Goal Setting

December Challenge – 24 Hour Fasting

After Thanksgiving I took a hard look at my intermittent fasting (IF) schedule. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a 14-hour fast about 3 times a week. 966 more words


Making the healthy choice is for yourself

This week we chat to Bruce Burgess, as part of the series of success stories we have and will be sharing over the next couple of months. 871 more words


9 reasons why you should lift weights

Why should women lift??

I hear every day from women, “I don’t want to lift weights as I don’t want to look like a body builder” 500 more words

The Top Causes of Plateaus in Exercise and Weight Loss

Months or years into your exercise program you stopped seeing results. But why? You think you’re doing everything right; you’ve been working hard and staying dedicated without missing a workout and without busting your ‘healthy’ diet. 1,928 more words