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Why Weight-loss Plateaus Happen

This situation is quite common if you believe a few random web-searches. A person goes on a diet, and starts off amazingly, the lbs just seem to be melting off. 1,328 more words

Gaining Weight On A Diet

Free at Last! September 9th 2016.

I finally managed to get back to where I was in April – those ten pounds that have dogged me forever finally gave up the ghost and as the scales began their final glorious inexorable descent, I dared to believe that this time my journey really is a different one. 810 more words

How To Bant

Catching Up

Ok I promise, I have not disappeared. I just haven’t been getting much writing done. Well…blog writing anyhow. So I thought it was time to at least do a quick catchup. 261 more words

My Journey

On again, off again - the cycle continues. August 1st 2016.

I took July off – from the blog that is, as other things were occupying my head. I corrected for the whole month and had no time hardly to breathe let alone blog. 422 more words

How To Bant

Weight Loss Plateau - My Metabolism is stuck!

I’m getting angrier and angrier by the day! being on a very Low-Carb diet (below 50g Carbs per day) makes you irritable and grumpy anyway, but when you’ve stuck to your diet religiously and monitored and measured and recorded every last lettuce leaf and drop of liquid that has entered your mouth and your weight hasn’t shifted for 15 DAYS! 1,216 more words

Bikini Ready

7 Tips to Bust Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

In this week’s column for Organize Yourself Skinny I’m sharing my tips for busting through the dreaded plateau.

When I first started losing weight I thought every week would be a loss. 145 more words

Weight Loss

Still No Milestone

I’ve now hit my 3rd week of plateau – just 1 pound away from my 20 lbs lost milestone – and while it’s definitely frustrating, I’m happy to say that I’m not losing my cool over it. 330 more words

My Journey