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Weekly Weigh-In: No Change

No change on the scale this week, but I’m confident I’m not stuck in a plateau. Why? Wine! During the week I enjoyed vino 3 times. 283 more words


Weight Plateau after Bariatric surgery

Weight Plateau after Bariatric weight loss surgery
(See our latest monthly Newsletter for the many Support Group class times and options to help you break through your plateau whether you are a gastric sleeve, lapband, gastric bypass or duodenal switch patient!) 633 more words

Bariatric Surgery

Still more frustration

As with every time I work toward managing my weight and attempt to lose, I’m face with frustrations. Namely the fact that I limit my calories, do products, starve, and get no where. 263 more words


Dreaded Plateau

Like every horror movie ever made, it always finds me and I’m helpless to it. The dreaded weight loss plateau. And yes, just a few days into this restart it has found me again. 175 more words

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Menu - Friday 5/15/15 #weightlossmenu

6:30am 1/2 protein bar, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp almonds, 275

8:00 Coffee, creamer 105

9:30am breakfast bars 180

12:30pm veggie smoothie, peas 200

3:30pm 2 oatmeal balls 150… 48 more words

Weight Loss Help

Is hitting a weight loss plateau something to get worked up about?

I’ve hit one, 17lbs from my ultimate goal of being in a normal weight for my height. This is the first time I have not seen a decrease in weight on the scale or a downward shift in inches since I started out on my journey just over a year ago as an over 300lb unhappy lady. 1,442 more words


If Only I Were Slightly Anorexic

“Slightly anorexic” you ask? Yes. Slightly. I don’t want the delusion or the protruding ribcage or the hair loss. I just want the thinness. I want the thigh gap and the inverted stomach. 723 more words