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Walking Benefits ... What I found so far.

Over the past couple months, I’ve shared a regular #WalkWithMeWednesday photo. I often find that the photos I share are more than just pretty moments; they’re inspiring moments for me. 335 more words


The latest update

I’ve been disappointed for the past few weeks at my progress. For all of the excitement the first few weeks brought with 13 pounds lost, I hit a wall. 91 more words

Weight Loss

5 Master Tips to Keeping Lost Weight Lost

5 Master Tips to Keeping Lost Weight Lost

We often hear inspiring stories about people losing weight, but so often these inspiring tales have an untold ending when the pounds start coming back.   838 more words

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Are You Doing Too Much Cardio?

Too much cardio….Is there even such a thing?

For most people they associate a weight loss program with endless hours of cardio and a very low calorie diet. 792 more words

Smorgasbord Health 2017 - Weight Reduction - The Plateau and Fluids

Experienced dieters will dread that  plateau that everybody seems to hit five or six weeks into their weight reduction programme.

A pound of body fat is generally equated to 3,500 calories. 1,321 more words

Weight Reduction Programme

What It Takes To Actually Lose Weight

Losing Weight Once And For All…

Hey #fitfam I’m back! Since last time we spoke I’ve had my weight-loss epiphany (so to speak). I’ve gotten to a lower weight than I’ve been at in 3 years and I am so thrilled about it. 652 more words

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