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Weight Loss Plateau: Free Weightsw Vs. Machines

Many people still argue over which way of exercising is better, exercise machines or free weights. The conclusion that many experts come to are, which ever one suites you for the type of training that you need is the one that you should be doing. 462 more words

Weight Loss Plateau

3 Things About Successful Weight Loss You Never Knew

Going on a ‘diet’ to lose weight is one thing – but the key to successful weight loss is making a conscious decision to shed the kilograms and keeping focussed on your goal until you reach it.  514 more words

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Cardio Makes You GAIN Weight

So I want to share a little secret with you that has been true forever but just now there are studies to prove it. Cardio actually makes you… 576 more words

Weight Loss Plateau

Week 56 - The pattern continues, but maybe not for long

It’s weigh-in day! Today I weighed-in at 226.2 pounds. That is the lowest weight since I started this journey, and represents a 2.4 pound loss from last week. 378 more words

Weight Loss

Something isn't quite right

Yesterday I was driving home and I was engaged in a mental debate with myself. I had my gym bag, but I wasn’t feeling it for going to the gym. 525 more words

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The other side of the scale

Weight fat loss tends to get its share of heated conversations on the net. People stand firm with their n=1s because their own experience is what worked for them, and well, sometimes everyone is right. 1,204 more words