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7 Tips to Bust Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

In this week’s column for Organize Yourself Skinny I’m sharing my tips for busting through the dreaded plateau.

When I first started losing weight I thought every week would be a loss. 145 more words

Weight Loss

Still No Milestone

I’ve now hit my 3rd week of plateau – just 1 pound away from my 20 lbs lost milestone – and while it’s definitely frustrating, I’m happy to say that I’m not losing my cool over it. 330 more words

My Journey

Standing still, but still standing. May 19th 2016.

I teach. In Ireland. In a secondary school. Look away now if that is going to upset you because it does cause quite a lot of heartache for lots of people at this time of year. 556 more words

How To Bant

Still Not Seeing Results

You hit the gym more days than most people you know. You bring your lunch and eat less than most people you know.  You can run miles around your friends.   414 more words

Week 5 Results: Surprise! Meat Puppet is Defective!

I stayed on target all week, no slips or eating off-plan, as I expect of myself. I had 49 servings of fruits/veggies. I had 37 meal replacements. 547 more words

It's happened...


Or… it could just be that I really haven’t been following my diet *all* that well…

Any case, I’ve been yoyo’ing with the same 3 pounds since March and it’s almost May! 305 more words