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Words Mean Things: Cleansers, Detox, and Flushes

I was perusing Facebook when an ad for “SkinnyMint” tea popped up. Curious, I clicked the link (and now I shall be inundated with diet products forever and ever). 541 more words

The Food Babe: Expert or Fraud?

I’ve heard a lot of people praise the Food Babe, but I’d never researched her much until recently. Apparently she is NOT a reliable source of health information and advice… 621 more words

Conspiracy Theories And Pseudoscience

Not too tiny

I received my BEAUTIFUL box of Tiny Tea from Your Tea.

My friend and I decided to split a 28 day box.  Neither one of us wanted to commit to a full 28 days and it was cheaper for us to split the big  box. 270 more words

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