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Change is good for the soul 

Hey beautiful people!! I always seem to have rare moments were I am really feeling myself and I start snapping pictures. I have come to realize on this journey you got to encourage yourself. 44 more words

Starting my day off right and getting my protein in.

Good morning beautiful people! One of the things my nurtionist pushed was a high protein breakfast to help start my day off. I learned really quickly that if I made a protein shake in the morning and drank it before I left I could get in my protein in for day. 224 more words

Moving forward 2 years later

Hello beautiful people!! I decided to start blogging again because I love doing it and I have a lot to discuss.   My gastric bypass is what started me down this road and now I am back on it.  444 more words

Blog so named 

I have been having a quick look at my old posts, my excitement is quite infectious.

I’m excited about walking, exercising, eating, cooking, surgery, everything! But somewhere alone the line I feel I have lost my spark now, looking at all that and I have a feeling why. 373 more words

Weight Loss Surgery


.. Or something for quite like it!

I have no idea what is going on in my life right now, but I need to gain some kind of control. 417 more words

Weight Loss Surgery