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15 Months Later

Time flies.

I can’t believe I had weight loss surgery 15 months ago.  I’m now down to 228 lbs, which brings me to 122 lbs lost. 181 more words


3 months since surgery

I am down 76.4 lbs. since surgery.  I am having a very hard time seeing my weight loss at times. I see it in my clothes and under my chin, but in other places I really can’t see it. 241 more words

Getting Healthly

Medication and Pre Surgery Prep

So today the official count down has begun.

I was supposed to meet with the dietitian today but unfortunately she was unwell.

I did however pick up my medication and book in my date for the 27th of October at 1.30,  12 days and 2 hrs from right now :) 36 more words

Gastric Balloon

The Consultation.

So today, I saw the Doctor….

He was great, I had done a lot of research so there was not a huge amount to talk about,  we talked about the limited success the balloon has had, he checked my general health to ensure I was eligible and that was really it. 148 more words

Gastric Balloon

The Decision

Hi There!!.

For the purpose of this Blog I have decided to call myself Balloon Girl (A decision I may come to regret later).

I have made the decision to write this blog because during my research it was very hard to find a comprehensive patient view of the Gastric Balloon without it being some sort of advertisement. 214 more words

Gastric Balloon

Change is good. No, change is GREAT!


It’s been a long time since my last update.  A lot of things have happened in my life in the past few months.  I have been in transition since late July.   758 more words


Hair Loss Anxiety

I know that one of the heartbreaking things that “can” happen to weight loss surgery patients is hair loss.  Apparently it is only temporary and lasts about 3 months.   130 more words