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this was me on my wedding day in 2004. I wasn’t at my heaviest here, but not far away. Apart from fogging up because it was warm in the ceremony and chilly outside I did feel princessy because of the dress, my darling hubby and the friends and family I had round me that made me forget my hugeness. 272 more words

Slimming World

Two Steps Forward....

…and then I hurt my back.

I’ve been like Superwoman the last month. I’ve single-handedly painted, bought, fixed, tinkered and rearranged four rooms in four weeks, which included building a solid-wood four-door wardrobe on my own. 665 more words

Weight Loss

Rob Kardashian Seems To Be Losing All That Weight

It seems we can’t go a day without seeing/hearing about Kim, Kylie or any of the other Kardashians….except for the lone brother, Robert.

Rob is most famous for… 69 more words


How To Blow Torch Unwanted Pounds From Your Thighs Naturally – Without Surgery Or Extreme Diets

It’s no fun when you struggle to fit into your old pair of skinny jeans. The clumps of cellulite that cling to your inner thighs can be embarrassing to live with, especially when it affects your chose of wardrobe and you’re restricted to covering up all of the time. 399 more words


How I got fat and what I'm doing about it

Growing up I was always a relatively slim child too slim for some of my family members. To one of my grandmothers food was love, to my other grandmother food was a way to put some meat on my bones. 911 more words

How To Lose Weight

How to lose 7lbs in a week!

Did I get your attention?

Are you suitably ready for me to reveal a miracle treatment?

If you’re here you’re one of many, like me, that click through stupidly titled links like this every day. 580 more words


Ending to Week 3!

Hey everyone!! First, I would like to thank you all for reading my posts. I’m thankful that you all enjoy reading a little portion of my crazy life! 504 more words