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Find the Time.

A big concern is always “finding the time.” But guess what {might want to take a seat for this}, we ALL have the same 24 hours. 281 more words


The Consequence of Loving Food..

December 10, 2016

I love food. If food were a man, I would take all his flaws and instantly marry him. Who am I kidding, food doesn’t have flaws! 387 more words


Let it go

For the past 8 months, I’ve been running at my local trails 5 mins from my house (Scribbly), and I’ve grown to love those trails. Some tracks I like better than others, there’s one I will only walk because it was where I fell pretty bad about 6 months ago, and there’s some I’ve never been on. 880 more words


Sunday Sunrise!

What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?

-E.M. Forster…

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Weight Loss

My Heart is Full (and so is my Belly)

Today I had the pleasure of spending time with my sweetheart and my boy. We talked, we laughed, we enjoyed each other’s company. Later on, the boy and I spent time with my mom. 126 more words


Best Use of a Clothespin Award 🏅Goes To....

Sure, it was late. Sure, I was tired. Sure, it was cold. But I went! For the first time in months! Almost 100% because Mr. Man forced me to, but that is why I love him. 158 more words


Chapter 191: I don’t have a song to sing…

I received this message two weeks ago. It became a guide line telling me that the ultimate choice is in our hands. Always. Both is safe. 188 more words