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4 Simple Tips to Help Lose Weight

Every day I spend a considerable amount of time personally answering emails and messages revolving around the “tricks” behind losing weight. Truth is, most want that quick fix, easy solution. 270 more words


Happy Endings

I just wanted to provide a quick update on the Mary’s Mini which ended for me yesterday.  Ten days went by very quickly and I really loved the food I ate!   323 more words

Personal Account

Day 85- Moving forward!

I feel much better then I did yesterday. My weight has gone down a little bit but it’s not to where it was. I think I was just retaining water. 268 more words

Low Carb

A few breakthroughs

I have found a way to squeeze out more reps by reducing my reps of heavy weights to 8 reps and by mixing exercises. IE 18x swing then 4x 8x presses. 74 more words


The Best Exercise To Lose Thigh Fat

To get to refine our thighs, we have to show we are conscientious. We can start out of our daily routine. For example, instead of systematically favoring the elevator, we can use the stairs. 484 more words

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With Fat Diet, Lose 5 kg in 14 Days!

This method is based, as the ketogenic diet, the exclusion of sugars in favor of fat, but it is distinguished by its duration, express (14 days), and the addition of an intensive exercise program. 940 more words

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My first day

In 10 minutes I plan to have my first healthy breakfast in a long time.  I have not decided which flavour of oatmeal I will have, however my girlfriend warns me it wont taste very nice.  210 more words