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We all know the importance of good health and we keep talking about it. But how many of us really do something about it??

We all wait for that MONDAY when we decide to start a new life all of sudden – we will eat healthy, no junk, no deserts, workout and many more plans. 361 more words


A sense of proportion

Throughout all my dieting days (aka the wasted years) I stuck to my diet plans, handed to me in diet clubs, in magazines, on the internet, through books, wherever I could find them. 430 more words

Weight Loss

Phenterage Garcinia Review-Natural Weight Loss Supplement | Price For Sale !!

Does that imply that Phenterage Garcinia could enable you to get in shape? All things considered, the one issue we have here is that Phenterage Garcinia is new to the point that we don’t have a total rundown of Phenterage Garcinia Ingredients. 127 more words

Weight Loss

Manifest Your Desires, The 2 Cup Method

Weird, But Maybe We Can Use This To Assist With Weight Loss

There is a method of manifesting your desires called the 2 cup method. The method is based upon the idea that we have many different parallel realities running at the same time and the idea that in quantum physics, a particle can be in more than one place at the same time. 551 more words


Trim Pill Keto - Its Can To Get Perfect Body Shape

Women always talented about their thin figure and prosperity yet after marriage, a few women experienced hugeness and weight get. They endeavored to lose it yet can’t. 782 more words

Weight Loss

Kegenix Review - The Best Supplement That Offers The 'Best Results

Kegenix : As I said earlier, the program has to fit your desires and play to your strengths, unfortunately, this can take a while to master however once you do, you’ll have the tools to achieve the physique and level of health you would like with ease and precision!The last point about credibility is important. 399 more words


My Journey to a Healthy Me, Day 264

Friday is here! Well, it is almost over now. I was able to get in my workout this morning. I did it in a fasted state as well. 176 more words