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Finding a Healthy Balance

I woke up this morning on a mission.  A mission to finally find a truly healthy balance in my life.  In all areas at the same time. 745 more words


HIIT’s So Easy: How High-Intensity Interval Training Can Start with Walking

You’ve probably heard all about the amazing benefits of high-intensity interval training — faster fat burning and increased calorie burn both during your workout and for hours after among them. 463 more words

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Noodle Soup

Growing up Indomie was a big deal in our house. It actually still is. No bowl of ramen or pho can replace the spicy, perfectly balanced bowl of Indomie on a cold winter’s night.. 242 more words

Improve Flexibility, Strength and Fat Burning with This Lunge Workout

Lunges are incredibly versatile. You can improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles or burn fat if you pick the right lunge variation for your goals. 647 more words

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The problem with #TransformationTuesday: Why you should stop demonizing your “Before” self

For some, killer transformation photos are the reason they do this whole fitness thing in the first place.

Scan any #TransformationTuesday hashtag and you’ll see a common theme: Phrases like “I can’t believe I allowed myself to be that big” or “I feel so disgusted looking at the left photo” echo like a comedic soundboard as you scroll through endless left-right comparisons. 404 more words



And so it begins…

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey: a journey from my current weight of 300+ pounds to a leaner, stronger, and overall healthier version of the same awesome guy that I’ve always been. 258 more words

So it begins

I’m hoping that this time around I will have some success.  I am making small goals and my first is a five week goal before I go away.  160 more words