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Weight loss: How should it be?

Many of us want to lose weight. Of course just when you decide to do so, it’s an important fundamental step. But you have to think wisely and choose the best options fitting you. 490 more words


Is There an Easier Way to Approach Weight Loss? Yes.

Getting started, with anything new, is absolutely the hardest part. Humans are creatures of habit, so when we try to change there is this overwhelming pull back to “normal.” (I refer to this state of normal as your / my Default.) Ironically, getting started can also be the easiest part, at least initially. 434 more words


Man, I Made It 

So through all of the chaos called my life I’m still managing to somehow maintain a healthy lifestyle. Owning my own Bartending company, becoming a Pure Romance consultant, and having a full-time job is pretty crazy, right? 90 more words

Day 9

Today is going to be amazing, but I need some advice…

So I’ve figured out that I’ve been losing about a pound a day, which is awesome! 317 more words

Win the Battles, Win the War

Where to begin…

So, two weeks ago I was back up a few pounds, limping with what felt like a broken foot, and ready to delete the blog and all associated Facebook posts. 309 more words

Doctor's Orders

Okay so, this morning for whatever reason I just could. Not. Sleep.

So by 6:30am I figured fk it, I may as well just get up. 816 more words


Dieting Tradeoffs

A couple of weeks ago I re-listened to an older episode of Sigma Nutrition Radio podcast where Danny Lennon interviewed John Berardi, founder and CEO of… 790 more words