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My Identity Is More Than The Size Of My Jeans

Growing up, at a very critical point in my life, someone who’s opinion I valued and respected put the idea in my head that I was getting fat. 1,009 more words

Weight...Should I Be Mad?

In a recent post, I have talked about dating and how you should get back into the dating field. It’s exciting, it’s a fun experience, it’s something new. 823 more words

Potatoes Are Not The Enemy

Well this is certainly good news :) Melanie Jatsek’s latest blog makes me smile…

How did potatoes get such a bad rap and why should you not buy into the hype?  367 more words



I’ve lost 3-4lbs in 3 weeks. My BMI has dropped to below 17 now. But I still do not think that’s low. It’s moderate. I have no idea what I think is low. 211 more words

Eating Disorder


Uh oh. It’s that time of year again. I’m just six weeks away from my birthday, and the nudging voice inside my mind has begun its annual bleating. 229 more words


3 WEEK DIET!!!!!

Have you been looking for a rapid way to get your body looking great without using the extremely long process of less food, more exercise? Here is the solution for you! 7 more words

Day 1- Early Mornings

Today I started my new diet and excercise regimine. I decided I wanted to do the 30 day arm challenge and the 30 day abs challenge. 197 more words