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Connection Between Body Weight and Health

This whole smaller body equates better health thing that society perpetuates is interesting to me. As someone who gained 70 pounds, then lost 60 pounds, then gained 10 of those back, I feel like I’ve gained some perspective on this whole social construct. 229 more words


1 cup Chobani Strawberry Yogurt
1/2 cup dry oats
3 cups black coffee


The joys of summer

You see a cute little top. Not too pricey. You realize they are selling it in many colors. Fabulous! Then you start thinking how great it will look with your summer jeans. 274 more words


Fat Boy on a Diet: May Update: There are no calories on your birthday

Little earlier this month as I decided to have my last weigh in for May earlier in the week as I knew that with my birthday on Friday and a couple of celebration meals planned waiting until the end wouldn’t be the best course. 115 more words


“mum bod”

Me and my weight have never been friends.

I have yo-yo’d quite a bit all my life and have never stuck at a nice weight with ease. 449 more words


My plan

So to understand more about where I am coming from I will write a little about what my weight loss plan is.

Almost two months ago I decided I needed to see a nutritionist. 208 more words

Day 6

This morning I wanted to get some extra meals made so I had some meals to eat for the next couple days.  I’ve got a recipe for egg bites coming (shortly, it’s too late at night right now.)  I made the egg bites this morning, and my dinner for tonight and lunch for tomorrow. 217 more words