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Digital Revelation

The video played and I am…

I think, and stop,

because though I feel,

think and see the next word,

I… am at a loss. 189 more words


Mind over matter

I literally don’t even know where the days are going. It’s like time doesn’t exist and I am just being catapulted in to the future daily. 494 more words

Health And Fitness

Stream Stream Stream

Well… here I am! After contemplating for a long time I have finally decided to write my very first blog! Why I started? I feel like I have so much to vent about … so much! 188 more words



Today I’m back in the normal range so it was time to deploy the happy weight loss dance whilst taking my morning shower. At least my recent brush with ‘Thames Fever’ had had one positive effect. 206 more words

Random Thoughts

Going Through a Season of Binge Eating

Binge eating.

Writing that in itself gives me a myriad of feelings and sad memories.

I struggled with weight all through my late teen years, up until when I turned thirty, three years ago. 811 more words

Clean Eating


I’m willing to bet that almost everyone, at some point, has gone ahead and done or said something before the allotted or appropriate time.

We don’t like to wait. 231 more words