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Letting go

They say time heals all and that the hardest part is letting go. But what if what you let go was yourself. The very essence of who you are – gone. 230 more words


Sushi Date Night

Last night, I collected on a bet Shane had lost a couple weeks ago. We went out of Sushi at the place we went to on Valentines Day. 198 more words



I tried so hard to eat more this week, its so hard. It was exhausting. I was having to think about food all the time and I hate that. 316 more words


Sunday Weigh In 

Another 1lb down this week! Feel like I’m starting to bore you guys with my consistancy.

This brings my total loss to -8lb and current weight at 154lb. 137 more words


Free weight

 – to eat
think plan
Is it time yet?

 – look! Chocolate cake! Baguette! EVOO!
Look down. Globular.
 Breasts, diaphragm, … 67 more words


Do Any Weight Loss Wonders Exist?

Do Any Weight Loss Wonders Exist? Working out is likewise promoted as a weight-loss marvel. Hypnosis and directed meditation is likewise now ending up being in fact popular in weight decrease circles. 144 more words

Weight-loss – Understanding Gastric Bypass and Lap-Band Surgical treatment

Weight-loss Understanding Gastric Bypass and Lap-Band Surgery See the preliminary post here: http://forkyourwaytoweightloss.com/weight-loss-understanding-gastric-bypass-and-lap-band-surgery/ Whilst most of obese individuals still attempt to lose their included pounds through a mix of diet plan approach and workout, or using weight decline items, such as diet plan method tablets, weight-loss medical treatment is quick ending up being a tempting alternative for lots of others. 92 more words