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Burning Calories for Weight Loss – Quickly, Safely and Effectively

Burning Calories for Weight Loss Quickly, Safely and Effectively Initial Blog Post Here: http://forkyourwaytoweightloss.com/burning-calories-for-weight-loss-quickly-safely-and-effectively-2 , if you eat 2500 calories each day and burn 2500 calories each day your weight will definitely remain the specific very same weight. 109 more words

On Body Image: 'Not your typical pageant girl'

Body-wise, I’m not your typical pageant girl. I’m 5″5 tall and a dress size 10/12. I have ample curves, and I’ll never be 5″10 and a size 8. 350 more words

Beauty Pageant

Weight-less Wednesday On A Friday 2/27/15 Monthly Wrap-up

Number of steps in 30 days: 352,778

Number of miles in 30 days: 147.82

Number of calories burned in 30 days: 77,955

Number of days I went to the gym to walk: 19… 410 more words

Blue in a Devil Dress

There is something in my wardrobe and it’s scaring me. Even though I’ve shut the doors, it’s mocking me. It’s a dress. A gorgeous cocktail dress. 1,812 more words


Friday Round-Up - Still no chocolate!?!

It’s Friday 27 February and I haven’t eaten chocolate for 10 days!

That’s right people, I’m sticking with my chocolate ban for lent and haven’t touched the stuff in 10 days, that must be some kind of record for me!

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Goals to start for  losing weight!

i have been stating for several years now that I want to lose weight but till today nothing much has changed ( other than the fact that I put on like 10kilos ) 153 more words


Crawling out from under my rock.

So let’s discuss health and body issues.

But first lets back track:

About three years ago I took a very serious effort to work on my health. 577 more words