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From Sample to Population (part 1)

In this blog post I will be focusing on poststratification. This is the first blog post on this issue. Next week I will continue with Part 2. 1,010 more words


17 th January 2019 Workout...

5 Rounds x3 mins Combos Heavy bag …

Freestyle weights dumbbells For 10 mins ..

2 rounds of 3 mins Speedbag ..

3 x3 min rounds Boxing 1-2-1 combo 2-1-2 Only ….. 20 more words


Addicted To Pain

I’ve been feeling tired over the last couple of weeks which I put down to changes in my exercise routine, a change of diet and sleep being a little disjointed. 547 more words


One small step for a runner,one giant....

There are now ONLY FIFTEEN weeks until the LONDON MARATHON and I still can’t run much at all and never without pain.Loads of pain in  my ACHILLES and The BONE in the BACK of MY HEEL. 194 more words

Workouts for weeks of January 14-27, 2019

I’m changing it up this week. Our morning team practices at my rowing club are getting increasingly rigorous, so the max watts on Saturday mornings isn’t working so well. 390 more words


Bench press

I’m adding bench press to my lifting this week. When doing this lift, be sure to pay attention to the following:

  • Tight core with back pressed against the bench – if you need to, place your feet on the bench or use plates on the floor to raise your feet in order to keep your back from arching*
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