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How to Build Muscle (Do This!) – Bones To Bulk

When it comes to building muscle there are some key things that are needed. But what about when you have that one muscle group that just doesn’t seem to want to grow? 33 more words


Right On Time

Date: 05/22/19

Q: Cosmo

Pax: WeGo, Tazo, Bueller, DHEC, Bookworm, Heinz, Cosmo

As part of our Weight Wednesday Workout, we did one of this month’s Ruck challenges. 185 more words


Workout 5/22/19 Weight: 192

Rowing: 1×30

Bench Press: 1×22, 1×12

Close-grip Bench: 1×12

Leg Press: 1×25

Back Extension: 1×30

Cable Crunch: 1×25

Dumbbell Shrug: 1×20

Upright Row: 2×20

Face Pull: 1×8… 23 more words

Weight Training

Establishing Weights and Measures in Ancient Israel

A study of the system of weights and measures of a nation provides the foundation for the proper understanding of some of the factors that shaped the social and economic development of that nation. 1,650 more words

Hebrew Bible

Gym Time

As we get older, one of the hardest things to do is stay in shape. It feels like every article you read emphasizes a different thing… “you are what you eat”, “just burn it off” “The balance between cardio and weight lifting”… the list goes on and on. 141 more words

Workout 5/18/19 Weight: 186

Pulldown: 1×15, 1×8, 1×6

Bench Press: 1×20

Underhand Bench: 1×10

Leg Press: 1×30

Back Extension: 1×30

Cable Crunch: 1×25

Face Pull: 1×20

Hammer Curl: 3×15… 30 more words

Weight Training